5 Child Development Milestone Tips From Siliguri Child Clinic

5 Child Development Milestone Tips From Siliguri Child Clinic


A child’s health development is very important during the very early stage of his/her life. Healthy development means everything that helps to build the abilities of a child to grow up through social, emotional, and educational needs. Apart from that, balanced nutrition, exercise, and sleep are also needed for achieving a developing milestone.

Each year children, infants, adolescent, pre-schoolers visit their nearby child clinic not only whenever they need but to be safe and fit overall. If your child is sick, weak, or need any vaccination, feel free to visit a child clinic in Siliguri and consult with your best pediatrician doctor Prince Parakh for improvement.

Every parent worries about their children and mostly gets tense about the recovery process of their child. Here, are 5 child development milestone tips for you that help to build your child to achieve health development.

1) Play

Every child loves to play whether it’s in the bed, floor, field, water, mud, or any other place accordingly as per the age. Infants and babies are most likely to play in bed and in the bathtub with water. When they become toddlers and adolescents, they are feeling comfortable playing on floors, and fields with toys, and also love to play in the mud.

As a parent, few things to note down that make sure to maintain healthy hygiene to prevent your child from germs, bacteria, or viruses as most children want to explore things by gripping them to their mouth and thus cause trouble for your baby. To avoid any risks, consulting a child specialist would be a great idea.

2) Learn

When your child moves baby periods to toddlers give them time and teach them to learn things. As new learners they sometimes might be unable to learn or avoid but here you can try different things to make them engaged so that they will get attracted by different things.

Teaching your child about new things is really challenging, make sure they don’t get bored too much and also don’t forget to notice their mood. As a beginner parent, you must avoid any harsh things so that your child must not get nervous or get afraid. For good parenting advice, you can also talk to a doctor.

3) Speak

At a very early stage, most children start their speaking by saying ‘babble’, or ‘ma-ma’, ‘da-da’. This thing happens when your child’s brain develops and you ask and or teach your child about to speak. With cuddle, hold, and play, your bonding with your child helps to development of love and trust.

4) Movement

This is a stage when your child is going to enter the advanced phase of development. Movement through crawling, walking, running, and jumping helps your kid to be active and healthy.

When your baby becomes a toddler, he/she tries to crawl, stands, and then walk. If you noticed that after a certain period or more your child is not growing then visit a child development specialist in Siliguri to get the proper guidance

5) Behave

As your baby grows older, he/she becomes eligible to enter the school. But before entering school, teach them how to behave. This is a very important period that helps your child’s growth and development. Not every kid behaves well every time. In case, if you think your child has any behavioral issues, feel free to contact a pediatric doctor for his/her betterment.

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