5 Child Development Tips To Follow

5 Child Development Tips To Follow


When it comes to child development, supreme attention is essential for a toddler from the parent’s point of view. Impactful tips on parenting often support parents in take proper decisions. This will mainly support your baby to develop in all perspectives at the anticipated stride.

Your baby is growing up. It is very important to take tips from a child development specialist in Siliguri for the healthy and normal development of your newborn. The development of independence and creativity in children begins at this age.

The following development needs to happen by the time your baby turns 6 months:

Physical Activity

Be attentive to your child’s daily routine. Make sure that they do not addicted to electronic gadgets. Your child should be kept away from mobile phones and computers.

Learn your child about physical activities, cycling, etc and you will join him or her in playing time. This process not only helps your child physically active but also builds healthy parent-children bonding.

Eating Nature

A parent's first and foremost responsibility is to take care of their baby's meals with care. Provide your child with tummy-filled and nutritious food always. Don’t entertain the habit of eating junk foods as it impairs brain development.

Endorse homemade food in your child. Nutritious food culture will be learned by a baby from his or her parents that helps you to build up healthy food habits in his or her further life.


To protect your child from some deadly diseases immunization is essential. A parent should learn the whereabouts of the child's vaccination process after his or her birth.

Learn the vaccination routine from your child specialist, save the schedule in your Google calendar, and do not forget to vaccinate your child at the proper time. Thanks to the vaccination process that provides your child have a long healthy life. Before the age of 16, your child requires:

  • BCG Vaccine
  • Hepatitis B Vaccine
  • Oral Polio Vaccine
  • Pentavalent Vaccine
  • Rotavirus Vaccine
  • Measles-Rubella Vaccine


After learning your mother tongue and sentence formation your child strafes you with a lot of queries. As this is the most important time of your baby’s brain growth, handle all of these queries with great care. Be sure that communication is the key to building up your child’s social as well as cognitive development.

Emotional Development

Nowadays working parents cannot get the opportunity to care for their children. Most of the time in the day children grow up under the shade of a caregiver and adopt their culture.

Many times it is seen that their mental and behavioral growth lags. Parents should consult a child development specialist in Siliguri to cure this problem.

Teaching your child respective manners and gestures to the elders and teachers is also important. Always encourage your child to do anything within his or her pace and be a supportive parent.

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