5 Conditions To Visit A Child Clinic

5 Conditions To Visit A Child Clinic


Children fall, bang things, pick up the dirt unconsciously, and put it into their mouths where they go. Most of the time they recover from disease easily, however, it is difficult to know for a parent when their child requires a doctor or when homecare is enough for him or her.

If germs are attacked your child believes in your presence of intelligence to take the right decision. For any emergency purpose, visit a child clinic in Siliguri for the betterment and comfort of your child’s health. There is some common condition why you visit a child clinic with your child:


The most important reason to visit a child clinic is fever. Children who are under the age of 15 affect much by fever.

For an infant, the rectal temperature of 100.4, and for who are between 3 to 24 months the benchmark of rectal temperature is 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit is an alarming number.

The common symptoms of having fever are high temperature with dry lips, diarrhea, recessed face, lack of urine, etc. In this situation consulting a pediatrician is helpful.


Upper respiratory problems are common for all children. Most of the time home care is enough. The cough is recovered within 7 to 10 days.

Though lack of fluid is extricated in the form of a cough, the tendency of dehydration may arise. Always give them liquid food contents to avoid dehydration.

If your baby is suffering for more than 10 days from having high fever, fatigue, runny nose, and breathing trouble then it is not merely a simple cold. In this situation contact a child doctor immediately.

Abdominal Pain

Children who are old enough are able to communicate often groan with abdominal pain. The reason behind the abdominal pain is stomach infection, diarrhea, gas formation, or appendicitis.

Ask your child about the state of pain or any vomiting that may happen. Visit a child clinic near your home for diagnosis and emergency care.

Wounds and Cuts

Children are toddlers who love to play. For this reason, sports injuries, and head injuries are some of the common factors for them. Home care is often sufficient. However, for deep wounds, you need to consult the emergency childcare unit.


Rashes are familiar to the children. Sometimes the reason behind it is an allergy to some food or other things. They are occasionally the cause of serious ailments. Schedule a visit to the child clinic in Siliguri to diagnose the problem.

Your child’s doctor is aware of your child’s health more than anyone. They learn about your child’s medical history, family history, scheduled vaccination records, etc. Hence, while dealing with your infant’s health issue, it is the best suggestion to discuss it with your pediatrician first.

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