5 Home Remedies For Your Sick Child

5 Home Remedies For Your Sick Child


Cough and cold, tummy pain, cuts, and wounds are very common issues in children. Well, you don’t have to think much as these are completely treatable and not very serious problems. If your child’s immunity system is good, then you don’t have any worries, or else you need medical assistance.

Mischievous nature during childhood days gets more bruising on the skin. Keeping in contact with the best child clinic in Siliguri always be the best suggestion for new parents. Here are some home remedies that might help your baby to get a disease-free healthy lifestyle.

A teaspoonful of honey

Honey is enriched with carbohydrates, sugar, and antioxidants. Give your child a teaspoon full of honey in the morning with basil leaves or warm water.

A recent study says that the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of honey cure your baby from coughing. However, do not give honey to toddlers who are under the age of 2 years to avoid infant botulism.

Clear close nose

Whether your baby has a congested or blocked nose with a cough get rid of it with a rubber suction tube. Pour one to two drops of lukewarm water into your child’s each nostril to liquids they contain and use rubber suction to pull it out.

Put your child’s head two to three inches up from the bed so that he or she breathes comfortably. Use a vaporizer to make the stuffiness clear.

Keep your baby hydrated

Keeping your child hydrated during illness is very important. Cough and cold make your baby lethargic, as he or she doesn’t want to eat anything. On the other hand, stomach upset and nausea may create dehydration.

In this current scenario hydrate your toddler with electrolytes, some sweeten fresh fruit juice and water. Don’t provide him with any dairy products. Whether the baby is hungry give him or her toast or oatmeal as solid food and contact a child clinic immediately for advice.

Use foot reflexology

Some essential nerves exist under our feet and hands. Pressing it properly can get treatment for your baby. Hold his or her left foot with your right hand and right foot with your left hand and pressure under the feet with your thumb. You need to continue the process before meals 4 to 5 times which gets relief him from abdominal pain.

Turmeric for wound treatment

For your kiddo keep some undried turmeric always at home. As turmeric is well known for its natural antibiotic properties and cure infection early, use it while your child has any cuts and wounds. It heals inflammation early.

Home remedies work properly if the disease is minor. For the parents, it is best to keep in touch with a xx any further risk. Make sure your child takes rests in those days to cure at the earliest.

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