5 Reasons Your Child Has Abdominal Pain

5 Reasons Your Child Has Abdominal Pain


Every child faces various childhood diseases in their lifetime. Among all abdominal pain is one of the common childhood diseases that almost affects every child. The reason could be anything. Whatever causes abdominal pain to your child, visiting a child specialist might help to cure your child.

If your child has suffered from abdominal pain or functional pain for more than a couple of days, don’t delay, contact the best pediatrician doctors in Siliguri right away. Below are the top five reasons why your child might have abdominal pain:


Constipation is a common cause of abdominal pain. Older children more often face constipation issues. While bowel movement is not clear they feel lower abdominal pain. Lack of eating fresh vegetables, fruits, high-fiber enriched food, and water is responsible for constipation. Take care of your child’s diet more.

Urinary Tract Infection

Children between the ages of 1 to 5 years especially girl children are more affected by urinary tract infection (UTI). During UTI problems they feel pain in between the lower abdomen and bladder area. A burning sensation appears while urinating. Urine emission is then in small amount and the children need to go toilet very often.

Sometimes fever comes due to infection. In severe cases, bleeding is started during urination. If your baby has such symptoms consult a childcare provider immediately who will get rid of your child from both pain and infection by charging antibiotics.


Appendicitis is unnatural below the age of 5 years. The babies who are suffering from continual tummy pain are suspected to have appendicitis. The pain starts at the center point of the stomach and further, it moves up and down the stomach. Loss of appetite is one of the common symptoms of appendicitis. Children even don’t want their favorite food.


Generally, children have a common habit of eating inedible things unconsciously. For instance, sometimes they lick toys, lead painting at home, dishes, etc. With the bad habit he or she can consume lead which is stored at your child’s abdomen lead is harmful to your baby’s health. It not only affects your child’s abdomen but is also responsible for lethargy, constipation, irritation, and convulsion. Maintain a safe distance of lead-based things from your baby.

Lactose Intolerance

Some children have milk intolerance by birth, or some have faced it later at birth. They cannot digest the protein ingredients of milk. As a result, your child may face skin rash, diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain, etc.

If you child suffers from abdominal pain due to lactose intolerance, don’t hesitate to consult your best pediatrician doctors in Siliguri for betterment.

Not all stomach issues need to consult a physician however, if the pain gets worse over time or if the stomach pain is accompanied by fever, sore throat, or any other complications, you must consult with your child specialist immediately.

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