5 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Your Baby

5 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Your Baby


As your bundle of joy arrives in this world, you can feel super excited to welcome the baby in your life but with all the joy comes a lot of anxiety and stress regarding how to handle and care for the baby. Taking care of a newborn baby can be overwhelming, especially for first-time parents, but with a little bit of guidance and lots of care, the task becomes easy.

Doctors at the baby care center in Siliguri suggest some of the simplest ways to take care of your baby so that the journey of parenthood becomes easy and memorable. Here is a look at the five simplest ways to take care of your baby:

Correctly Holding The Baby

Newborn babies have delicate head and their neck is not firm enough to support their head, therefore they should be held very safely supporting their head. Coming out of the womb, they find most comfort in the arms of their mother when they are cuddled skin to skin and they can hear their mother's heartbeat. Babies love to be cradled and rest their heads on your shoulders. Similarly, swaddling babies gives them the comfort and warmth that they experienced in the womb and they easily fall asleep.

Understanding The Feed Patterns

Newborn babies have tiny stomachs and their digestive system is still developing, therefore they feed often and quite little at a time. In the early weeks after birth, babies feed about eight times a day and it can be a bit tiring for the mother to feed so frequently, especially at night. Checking diapers and nappies at regular intervals helps to understand whether the baby is taking enough feed.

Bathing & Massaging The Baby

Most new parents are confused about whether they should bathe and massage their babies daily or not. Well, after the first wash at the hospital, the medical staff shall guide you about the correct procedure for bathing the baby and how often it should be done.

Checking water temperature before bathing, and avoiding the use of bathing products are some precautions that you need to follow. Visit a baby care center in Siliguri to get more tips regarding this.

Baby massage can be done gently with some light baby oil, as babies love to get a massage on their legs and back. It helps them sleep peacefully and for a long.

Changing Nappies & Diapers

Newborns need nappy changes about 10 to 12 times a day. Using disposable diapers or washable nappies is a personal choice but maintaining hygiene with both is important. Leaving the baby too long in soiled or wet nappies can lead to infections and rashes.

Soothing A Crying Baby

Newborn babies communicate only through crying, therefore it is important to understand the reason behind their cry. Crying in babies may either indicate hunger, nappy change, they are too tired, feeling hot or cold, due to illness, or simply because they want your love and care.

With all the above tips and tricks you are all set to nurture and pamper your baby with love and affection.

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