5 Summer Foods To Keep Your Child Healthy

5 Summer Foods To Keep Your Child Healthy


The babies have a hard time during the summer. They are unable to eat due to the sweltering heat of the sun. However, given that they are growing, time is of the essence. Therefore, pay attention to your child's diet and create a calming environment at home.

Your baby's health can be guaranteed with the right environment and the right diet chart. The best choice is to get a summer diet chart from your best child specialist in Siliguri.  And don’t forget to keep your baby hydrated all summer long.

Below are the top five foods that will keep your child safe and healthy in this extreme heat are as follows:

Seasonal Fruits

The high water content summer fruits like mango, blackberry, litchi, watermelon, and cucumber protect your child from dehydration. Watermelon's antioxidants protect your child from illness. While mango is full of nutritious and natural product that helps to build your child's development.

Blackberry and cucumber both are useful for your child as it stables your child’s blood glucose levels and protects against germs. Apart from that, fruit salad is also important for your child's diet chart as it prevents sunburn.

Coconut Water

Is your infant sweating heavily while moving around in the sun? Give him a glass of coconut water, no worries. Coconut water prevents dehydration and functions as an electrolyte. It restores the body's equilibrium of water and salt, which is released through sweat.

Curd Rice

Your child’s body is using curd rice as a probiotic food. During the summer when the heat of the sun is higher, it can soothe your child's body and reduce constipation. As it is not difficult to plan, you might pack their tiffin enclose with curd rice in summer. Add some sugar, salt, pomegranate seed, and cumins to curd rice to upgrade its taste.


Digestion disorder is a common problem during the sun.Tomato can protect your baby from this issue, as it contains vitamins A, B2, C, folate, and potassium. Not only does it maintain your child’s digestion system but strengthens your child’s bones also. Prepare your child's meal with a dish of salad that contains tomato, but tomato juice is healthy and tasty too.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is loaded with vitamin C. It develops your child's absorption power, dental issue, and skin well-being. It can also help to control your child’s bowel movements. Consult with your best child specialist in Siliguri and prepare your child’s summer meal with care.

During the summer the sun drains all the energy of your child. Sipping a smoothie, fresh natural-colored fruit juice, and custard with fresh fruits not only refresh their mind but also build up an eagerness for the meal.

Add new items to your child’s meal every day so that they never find their eating boring. Summer is hard for kids to avoid junk food like ice cream, ice balls, and cold drinks to keep your baby healthy. For the right section of food, getting tips from your pediatrician is important.

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