An Exclusive 2022 Guide From Your Newborn Care Doctor

An Exclusive 2022 Guide From Your Newborn Care Doctor


So, first of all, congratulations to all the new moms and dads who make this 2022 more charming and exciting. Many times it is seen that most new parents are really excited on one side and also get a bit worried about on the other. The reason is nothing but to tackle the situation and how to move on further.

To, wipe out all your worries and confusion, here is an exclusive guide from the newborn care doctor in Siliguri for you to make this new year 2022 more caring and eventful. By following these tips you will eventually learn and adapt a handful of ideas that will help you both manage your child in the future.

Newborn caring is very sensitive and challenging but not impossible at all because generation wise your parents also take care of you while you were born. So, let’s understand the fundamental things and start with the basics.

1) Holding Your Baby

Most parents either get panicked or don’t know or have confusion about how to hold their child. The simple answer is, you can pick like your baby is lying in your arms. Never pick your baby straight because the neck muscles of your baby take time for growth and development. While taking or picking your baby, make sure to take it very gently and softly so that your baby doesn’t hurt at all.

2) Feeding Your Baby

When it comes to feeding a baby, you must learn that breastfeeding must be on time. In most cases, your baby will signal you through different activities when he/she feels hungry or thirsty. Crying, sucking, lip licking, clenching fingers, bringing hands to the mouth are some signs and symptoms that your baby is hungry.  

3) Bathing Your Baby

Baby bathing is an art that takes time and parents have to test their patience. The first and foremost thing is to hold your baby in the right position and then do bathing. Don’t place your baby in a bathtub or other places. Choose baby products that are gentle, zero chemical, and also recommended by a paediatric doctor.

4) Changing The Diaper

Parenting is a real challenge where most parents get confused to see about the number of diaper changes of a baby throughout the day. The first thing is you must stock enough diapers for your baby.

Sometimes, you probably forgot to change the night diapers which are almost 9/10 hours old and it can cause little rashes to the sensitive skin of your baby. Changing the diapers time-to-time would be a good idea for your baby.

5) Special Care

More or less your little one can get affected with the common cold, flues, or other viral infections and as a result, your baby can have the following:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Cold
  • Cough
  • Watery stools
  • Chest discomfort
  • Allergy in feeding
  • Vomits frequently

Here, the role of a child specialist matters the most. Caring baby is an art but when your baby gets affected by any germs or unknown virus, you can consult with your best paediatrician doctors in Siliguri to give the best treatment to your child.

Make sure when you take care of your newborn no matter how important is your work, you should manage and put aside that for a moment and give all your focus to taking care of your little ones.

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