Best Newborn Care Hospital in Siliguri

Best Newborn Care Hospital in Siliguri


You might be a busy parent and deal with the challenges to give enough care to your newborn by coping up with your hectic schedule. Childcare is not only the sole responsibility of any mother, as the father is equally involved in this matter and must put his contribution towards caring for the newborn by visiting the best newborn care hospital in Siliguri. Few parents think about visiting a hospital when the newborn falls sick.

But visiting newborn care clinic or hospital is necessary to identify the regular development of the newborn which is subjected to the body weight, brain development, breathing problem, and other issues which are not possible to identify without consulting any paediatrician or neonatologist. Taking your newborn to newborn care hospital in a regular manner is essential for the overall development of the baby. Here, we will highlight some of the best newborn care Hospital in Siliguri to make you aware of the services provided by them.

Best Newborn Care Hospital

Medica North Bengal Clinic

MNBC is one of the most popular newborn care centre in Siliguri which provide experienced treatment procedures and come out with new ideas of caring newborn. Dr. Ujjal Chatterjee and Dr. Ajit Chhetri are leading the department and share their knowledge in the field of Neonatology in a greater manner. This newborn care hospital is facilitated with NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and PICU. They are known for handling major cases of severe jaundice in newborns along with the treatment of Neonatal infection and Hypoglycemia. Consult with the doctor about your newborn and get the best results.  

Address: Meghnad Saha Sarani, Ward 2, Pradhan Nagar, Siliguri

New Born & Child Care Clinic

Taking your child to Newborn Care will assure you with the best care by getting experienced faculty, and modern facilities. They are specialized in providing emergency medical assistance whenever needed. For any kind of intensive care and normal check-up, you can visit this clinic that offers honorable and trusted doctors. Innovative methods are used for solving problems and major issues related to child care. They also provide all types of vaccination to make you're newborn capable of fighting with the diseases by improving the immunity power. Choosing this clinic for regular check-ups and emergencies will help you in getting the best care.

Address: Ward 7, Khalpara, Siliguri

Anandaloke Multi-Specialty Hospital

This hospital is known for its excellent services in caring for both mother and child, you will find Neonatal Servo Ventilators, paediatric respirators, and transport incubators. The specialist department is facilitated by modern and innovative technology equipped to carry out a comprehensive range of procedures like Blood-Exchange Transfusion, Peritoneal Taps, Lumbar Puncture Treatment, Surfactant Treatment, Umbilical Artery / Vein catheterization, Paediatric Surgery and Neurological Surgeries among others. Everything related to childcare services is managed so well by the group of experienced and qualified doctors.

Address: 2nd Mile, Sevoke Road, Siliguri

Neotia Getwel Healthcare Centre

If you are looking for a better option to keep your child free from infection, and diseases then this healthcare centre is the best option for you. The department of Paediatrics and Neonatology is guided by a group of experienced doctors who provide fully equipped NICU along with advanced neonatal ventilation facilities for high-frequency ventilation, total parental nutrition facility, cranial ultrasound, bedside echocardiography, monitors, infant warmers, and infusion pump. A wide range of neonatal health problems is monitored and guided by Neonatologist and Paediatrician to keep your child away from health problems. 

Address: Uttorayon, Behind City Centre, Matigara, Siliguri

Nivedita Nursing Home

Nivedita Nursing Home is known for its healthcare services for many years and considered to be the most trusted healthcare centre in Siliguri. They are specialized in taking the best care of a newborn in dealing with their health and any internal issues. Qualified and experienced group of doctors make the task easy and by holding confidence. This healthcare centre will provide you useful information regarding childcare so that you can deal with the issues instead of indulging in any mistake. Regular health check-up helps a parent to know more about the health condition of their newborn and also provide them the way of dealing with health issues.

Address: Meghnath Saha Sarani, Pradhan Nagar, Siliguri

Choose the best newborn care hospital in Siliguri to protect your newborn from common problems like colds, coughs, fevers, and vomiting as well as from major diseases like Antibiotics, Birth Defects, Cerebral Palsy, Conjunctivitis, and so on. Keep your child healthy and strong by choosing the best newborn care in Siliguri.

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