Developing Sleep Routines For Kids

Developing Sleep Routines For Kids


Sleep is the most essential thing that a person needs in his life. It is the most efficient way to rejuvenate your sense and start your day with enriched energy. But sleep plays a much more pivotal role in a child because a child’s senses are considered much more sensitive in comparison to adults. So, a good sleeping pattern should be followed by children for the improvement of their health. Similarly, the best child specialist in Siliguri also advises parents that they should follow a healthy sleeping pattern for their child so that their formative years continue without any hindrance.

       This article put forward the various aspects of maintaining a good sleep routine for kids and also provides an insight into a person who is regarded as the best child specialist in Siliguri.

Table of Content: 

1. Why sleep routines are important?

2. How you can devise a proper sleeping routine?

3. Dr. Prince Parakh

4. Conclusion

Why sleep routines are important?

A proper sleep routine may help your kid in various ways.

1. Increase in attention

When your kid is sleep-deprived, they easily lose their attention power. We remain confused in both class and the outer world and unable to perform tasks with ease. A proper routine will rejuvenate their senses and help them to perform in their day to day work.

2. Improves Concentration

Concentration is the prime aspect of success in life. Your child's concentration is deeply affected if they are suffering from any sort of sleep deprivation. A sound sleep routine will help them to bring back the lost concentration and that will extremely help them in their studies.

3. Improves Behaviour

A sleep-deprived child is usually irritated even with small things. This attitude might cause trouble for them and their surroundings. A sound sleep will give them relief from their irritations and maintain peaceful mental health.

4. Improves Memory Power

It is observed that children with better sleep obtain the capacity of more power with respect to kids that are sleep deprived.

5. Good Physical Health

A night of sound sleep helps to regain all the lost energy during the day and also restores the essential hormone in the body. This ultimately results in the good health of the child.

How you can devise a proper sleeping routine?

There are numerous ways that you can go at it.

1. Create a perfect and flexible timetable so that your kids can easily follow.

2. You can arrange a warm bath time before bed.

3. Prohibit the use of electronic gadgets.

4. Family activities such as reading a book can also help your child to sleep.

5. Dimming the lights can also help your child to sleep faster.

Dr. Prince Parakh

He is highly entitled as the best child specialist in Siliguri who has been bestowed with a lot of accolades throughout his career. He is vastly experienced in handling such cases with ease and conviction.


Sleep deprivation is a serious issue and should be consulted with a doctor.  

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