Deworming in Children

Deworming in Children


Deworming is a process of killing worms build in the intestine through prescribed medication by a specialist. It is required to take a doctor’s advice to proceed forward with the cure. The Government of India recommends and allows two drugs that are considered completely safe as tablets called Mebendazole and Albendazole to treat intestinal worms. For a clear understanding visit a Child Specialist Doctor in Siliguri, proving optimal care for deworming your child.

Dr. Prince Parakh is a consultant paediatrician and child specialist doctor in Siliguri, regarded as one of the best doctors in West Bengal and India. He is a highly experienced child care doctor proving the finest treatments for infants and young kids. Deworming is an essential treatment for your kid’s overall blessedness and strengthens your child’s immune system.

Table of Content: 

  • Why is it necessary to deworm your child?
  • Consequences of not deworming your child
  • How often parents should deworm their kids

Why is it necessary to deworm your child?

Deworming is essential for your kid’s overall otherwise it can lead to various chronic diseases in your child. A child is the best gift from God thus taking proper care of your child is solely expected from their parents. This practice helps increase your kid’s nutritional intake, improve appetite, prevent infections like anemia and other chronic diseases. Deworming reduces the risk of further worm infections which sometimes may spread in our community. Moreover, it also lowers the chances of hospital admission due to abdominal aching.

Consequences of not deworming your child

 Deworming in a child cannot be ignored or avoided. It is one of the first steps to be taken as early as notice the signs of intestinal worms in your younger ones. The treatment of deworming your child can differ from other children’s medical practice of deworming based on the type of inflammation your kid is dealing with. Hesitancy in deworming for your child can cause other health complications in near future. Thus it would be best to take consultation from your child’s specialists for required treatments.

How often parents should deworm their kids

Parents should deworm their children whenever needed starting from the age of two. Kids who are struggling with recurrent worm disease require repeated deworming and should be in touch with their specialists. Parents should encourage themselves in deworming practice for their children. Keep your eyes open whether your child is washing hands or not after coming back from the playground or touching animals/pets. Don’t let them consume contaminated water or foods to evade infection. It is a completely safe medical practice, involving medication intake to get rid of worm diseases.

For further knowledge regarding deworming in children and to receive the best treatment provided by one of the leading child specialist doctor in Siliguri, contact Dr. Prince Parakh.


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