Dr Prince Parakh:-Leading Paediatrician in Siliguri

Dr Prince Parakh - Boon to North Bengal |Dedicated to the Health of All Children.


Wherever the baby is born, one thing is common to many parents – your emotions overshadows almost everything. You become ambivalent, stuck between woe and weal. Not a single person will be able to assure you about the normalcy of the situation. Rather you’ll start developing numerous questions in your mind regarding your newborn’s health. At this phase, neither you will be able to evaluate the situation all by yourself nor other people’s help will comfort you. During such time of complexity it is a prominent step to seek for the help of a proper paediatrician who will offer you various practical ways to deal with such challenges.

Therefore, minding about the problems faced by our  parents,  Dr Prince Parakh  one of the best paediatrician doctors in this entire region has initiated a childcare clinic in Siliguri under the name Newborn Child Care Clinic. The clinic can be easily located at the reachable location of Burdwan road in Siliguri town. His clinic is fully equipped with all the necessary facilities that are needed for all treatments and regular screenings of your sweet little ones. Along with being the director at the Newborn Child Care clinic, Dr Prince Parakh is also a senior consultant paediatrician at NeotiaGetwel Hospital, one of the most reputed and big hospitals in Siliguri.Dr Prince Parakh has won an immense level of faith and trust of the people as they are fully reliable on the child specialist for every medical help their children needs including all the vaccines. The paediatrician is highly dedicated to the quality healthcare of the little ones and his only mission is to offer child care par excellence under any circumstances. Dr. Prince Parakh is a reputable child specialist in Siliguri with an upright heart who is striving for a sincere vision of Leadership in Child Care Domain regardlessanything.

Interests and motive for serving in healthcare

With the motive to spread awareness about the importance of prompt childcare and successfully treating all minor to complex ailments in children. Dr Prince Parakh emphasizes his special interest in neonatal and paediatric intensive care, all kinds of vaccination among infants and young children, allergies and paediatric kidney diseases. He has made efforts to make childcare easily accessible at affordable rates to all irrespective of any facts.

Contributions and recognitions in the childcare and medical industry

With the countless success stories in the record and being one of the most star-reviewed paediatricians, he holds some of the very respected awards and recognition that only add up to his sparkling service and contribution to child care.

  • To begin with, Dr Prince Parakh was featured by Medgate India Magazine as India’s top paediatrician.
  • In 2011 he was awarded the first prize of IAP for Research Paper presentation.
  • Secured the first prize for public health/ community medicine program in 2009

Nevertheless, his generous approach and warm, friendly gestures with compassion towards his patients and all other healthcare causes have led him to be a figure in numerous wellbeing causes that focus on only the development of the health sector so that it reaches all. Dr Prince Parakh has won several national and international awards for his great works only for spreading health awareness.

Career and inside story

After completing his MBBS, Dr Prince Parakh did his MD in Paediatrics from BPKIHS. Then he went on to do his fellowship (FISPN) from prestigious AIIMS, New Delhi). Before he stepped into Siliguri and began his unit of childcare, Dr Prince Parakh was working in Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in its Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. He has also worked in CNBC (Delhi Govt Hospital. Throughout his years of experience and career path, he just established himself as the top paediatrician today.

He has been practicing for more than eight years in Siliguri in the present day. Dr Prince Parakh is actively involved in treating sick neonates and children. Even in the time of crisis during the pandemic, Dr Prince Parakh never stopped his medical facilities and took care of the safety along with his patients. He is known for his immense social service for which he has been recognized by several popular and respected bodies.

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