Evaluate your baby’s growth

Evaluate your baby’s growth


A regular visit to the child specialist is important for parents to monitor the growth of the baby and that in turn denotes the overall improvement in the body functions along with the mental skill of the child. You might find your child normal and happy with the performance but that might not be sufficient for the child as per the age.

The doctor will evaluate the growth and give you a valid answer over your questions. Each of the factors including the physical, emotional, psychological, and intellectual needs of the baby are measured through close monitoring. Child Specialist Doctor in Siliguri is trained and experienced in managing children in terms of identifying their issues and complications. 

As a parent, it is the foremost responsibility to take the best care of their child by providing proper nutrition and several other duties to keep them healthy and fit for a better life ahead. Premature children along with the normal child need a regular checkup for identifying the issues and evaluating the effective growth.

Assessment of nutritional status

The overall growth of any child can be classified under different categories where the normal growth is subjected to measure the weight of the child in kilograms along with the height in meters. Each of the physical development is taken under consideration substantially value the performance of the child. The physical growth indicates the body mass and even the small changes in the nutritional status of the child. If the child specialist finds the development as per the body mass index then the child is considered to be healthy and fit.

 On the other hand, malnutrition and rapid loss of weight can be dangerous for the child's health. The growth of the child will many words and make the study understandable easily. So, depending on the weight the doctor will measure the treatment techniques and highlight some of the important precautionary measures for the safety of the child. The growth chart is also subjected to the months and regular monitoring is essential to make the situation under control.

So, you should compare the monitoring status of the child's growth after visiting the child specialist doctor in Siliguri. The comparison and various intervention programs will help you to expand your knowledge about the child's growth.

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