Feeding Disorder Of Children

Feeding Disorder Of Children


Feeding disorder in children can simply be defined as the avoidance of food intake. It is the condition during which a child limits what and how he or she will eat. Pediatric feeding disorder leads to problems like weight loss and nutritional deficiency. This type of disorder will also increase the need for nutritional supplements and there may also be some issue in daily functioning. The child specialist doctor in Siliguri takes the responsibility to solve feeding disorder as it limits the child’s ability. Because of this, a child might not be able to participate in normal activities like eating with family.

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  • What are the causes and diagnosis of a feeding disorder?
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What are the causes and diagnosis of a feeding disorder?

One specific thing cannot be regarded as the main cause of feeding disorder in children. As per the child specialist doctor in Siliguri, the feeding disorder takes place due to the combination of several factors. Some of the main things that contribute to being the causes of feeding disorder are:

  • Change in the temperament and slow adaptation
  • Frequent discomfort while feeding due to reflux and allergy
  • Very slow digestion of foods or emptying of the stomach
  • Oral motor skills which are weak
  • Delay in growth and development
  • Low muscle tone or high muscle tone
  • Anxiety
  • Developmental disabilities

Apart from these listed things, the experiences also cause feeding disorder in children. The negative experiences like coughing, vomiting, pain can occur while feeding. The sensory differences and the chronic health problem in a child might also disrupt the feeding routine.

During the diagnosis, the child specialist doctor in Siliguri will review the medical history of the child at first. After this, the growth, developmental history and present symptoms are checked. The diets which are intake by the child are all assessed as well. The healthcare practitioner with expertise in feeding disorder evaluates the feeding behaviors of the child.

A special test will be done that will evaluate the swallowing ability of the child. This may include the likes of barium swallow or endoscopic assessment. The main reasons for the happenings like constipation and delayed emptying while feeding will be determined. The blood work will also be done to get the nutrition status and to screen the medical condition leading to feeding disorder.

For parents, it is very important to know the moment when the paediatrician is needed to control feeding disorder. If there is any disruption in feeding then, the advice from the support like child specialist doctor in Siliguri should be taken.

Note: One in every four children is the common level of a feeding disorder. However, very few children get serious symptoms and need specific treatment.

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