Holi 2023 – 5 Safety Tips For Your Little Ones

Holi 2023 – 5 Safety Tips For Your Little Ones


The festival of colors, Holi is one of the popular festivals that every child is eagerly anticipated celebrating. It's about fun and making memories with your loved ones. If the Holi festival is not observed with caution, it has the potential to become extremely risky for children. Thus, keeping child safety in mind can make the celebration of Holi even more enjoyable.

Sudden incidents can happen during the Holi celebration, especially for your little ones if your kids don't have safety precautions. Therefore, parents and elders may need to follow all the important Holi safety tips provided by our best child specialist in Siliguri, Dr. Prince Parakh for your kids in order to prevent such incidents. Here are five important safety tips that can help your child be safe during the Holi celebration:

Use Organic Colors

Try natural colors instead of synthetic ones. Turmeric, sandalwood, henna, and other natural ingredients can be used to make natural, skin-friendly colors at home. Colors that contain harmful chemicals should not be used as they cause allergic reactions to your child's skin. These organic colors don't do any harm to the skin as they are easily washable.

Avoid Water Balloons

Make it a point to instruct your child to use the pichkaris or water guns responsibly. Ask your child not to spray water on other children's faces, eyes, or ears. Water balloons are fun to play with, but if thrown with force, especially at children, they can cause serious skin, ear, and eye injuries.

Dress Appropriately

Dressing in the right clothing can save your child’s skin. Just make sure that your children are dressed appropriately during the celebration of the color festival by requiring them to wear full sleeves shirts. Honestly, this won't be harmed your child as their skin won't be exposed to harmful colors.

Wear Sunglasses

Colors can be implacable to the eyes. During Holi, eye protection should be the first priority for your child just as important as protecting the skin. It is a great risk, especially when playing Holi as the eyes are one of the body parts that are most exposed. Therefore, get your kids to wear colorful sunglasses that will not only shield their eyes from damage but also make them look cool.

Educate Your Children

Along with celebrations and fun comes the moral obligation for parents to teach their children how to manage water effectively. Make sure that your kids don't shoot water guns at people's faces directly. Additionally, teach that it is acceptable for someone not to play Holi. They shouldn't make people play Holi if they don't like it. Don't forget to get in touch with the best child specialist in Siliguri for immediate assistance.

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