How to Care for Your Newborn?

How to Care for Your Newborn?


Once the child born everyone feels delighted and parents become a bit excited about the first time experience of caring for the newborn. Lots of advice will start coming from here and there which makes parents confused about what to follow and what not to follow. Caring a newborn is indeed a challenging task but it brings lots of happiness and rewarding experiences. Here, we like to provide some of the important tips about caring for a newborn baby for first parents so that they can manage their time with proper care.

Tips to take care of Newborn Baby


The most important factor is feeding a child because the child eats and eats every time you try to feed. Normally a child has to be fed every 2 to 3 hours which means you to take care of feeding sessions for 8 - 12 times in 24 hours. It is good to feed an infant with breast milk because breast milk contains vital nutrients and antibodies which are essential for a child's growth and survival. It takes nearly 10 minutes to complete one feeding session. Remember that you should not force the child while feeding. It might welcome trouble and other serious consequences. Make the child happy by playing some music. Hold your breast into the baby's lips until the baby starts sucking. You will get an indication when the baby is getting enough milk as the breast starts feeling less full.


Once you are finished with feeding take the newborn in your lap keeping the newborn's face towards your back and give move your palm up and down by giving a simple touch on her back until she burped. Burping expels the excess air and helps in digestion and preventing other stomach colics. Gentle touch by a mother keeps the process safe. You will realize that the baby is happy after the burp.

Learn to hold the Newborn

This tip is really useful for first-time parents because holding the newborn is not so easy. You must learn how to hold the sensitive body instead of doing anything wrong by getting excited. Ensure that you are supporting your newborn's head and neck with one hand while holding the baby in your lap because the neck muscles are not become so strong enough to hold the head within 2-3 months. You must be conscious while holding the newborn because caring is the best thing you can do from your end.


You must be conscious about this stage even before the birth of your newborn. Changing diapers is one of the common routines of every mom and dad. You must keep some of the essential lessons while changing the diaper because sometimes it causes rashes and infection. You might engage in this task for at least 10 times a day whenever the diaper feels full by the newborn. While changing the diaper you must do gentle diaper wipes by using diaper rash cream, baby powder, and keeps the process clean and hygienic. Remember that keeping the newborn without a diaper for a few hours is good for the newborn's skin.


Bathing is important for keeping the child clean and the parent must know the tactics of bathing a newborn genuinely. Till the time the cord stump dries and falls off, one should start bathing the baby 2 to 3 times a week. Keep the clothes and other changing supplies ready before taking the baby for the bath. Avoid bathing after feeding because it affects digestion and metabolism function. Bathing before bedtime is preferable because it helps the baby to sleep soundly. Bathing can be more fun full for the newborn by using infant bathtub, lukewarm water, baby soap, soft towel, and toys to make the newborn happy. Apply lotion and put fresh diaper and baby clothes.


Massaging is the best time to get close to the baby by making the baby comfortable with your warm touch. Massaging helps in soothing the baby and also welcome sound sleep. Massaging with mustard oil, olive oil or baby lotion will help the baby to develop stronger muscles. Gentle and rhythmic strokes make the newborn feel relaxed and support blood circulation effectively. The best time to do a massage is before a bath. Try to maintain eye contact with the newborn while massaging and keep talking so that the baby will enjoy the best time.

All you need is love and affection for the child while taking the best care. If you face any problem in caring the newborn never hesitate to consult with a child specialist. Taking suggestions from older people and experienced is also good and both the mother and father should equally participate in caring for the newborn to justify their responsibility towards the baby.

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