Influence of Lockdown on Children

Influence of Lockdown on Children


The global pandemic of COVID-19 has impacted everyone and all are following the guidelines set up the government for lockdown. In this situation, children have also been impacted with the changing dynamics of lockdown.  The child specialist doctor in Siliguri has been continuously advising parents to take care of their child. All though children have been following the healthy measures but the restriction of the physical activities and social isolation have impacted them.

Physical and Mental Impact

The lockdown has completely affected the children's physical playing activities outside. Children usually play with their friends outside the home in the playgrounds. But as per lockdown, they have to stay at home for complete safety. This has led children to rely on mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops and television.

They spend most of the day on screen time, watching something or playing games which has resulted weight gain in children. Now, this weight gain can be a problem and erupt in the form of health issues. Many researchers have also proved children who spend more than one hour in screen per day might have to face mental problems.

Children's usually look after their parent's activities and lockdown has made this thing more regular. As the child remains at home the whole day, he can see what parents are worried about. It includes things like watching the terrible news about the situation on TV and internet. This will make their mind go on the stress level which is never good for a child.

In the other way they miss their friends and the fun activities which will continuously make the child lonely. They may listen to the tragic news or information during the lockdown which might terrify them and result in sleep disorders.

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Solution for the impact

A regular exercise such as skipping, treadmill, jumping, sit-ups, dancing etc is essential to do at home. It should be done by the children according to their age and abilities. The lockdown is the best moment for the child to be with the parents for a long period of time. They can watch a good family movie together which will be much refreshing for the child's mind.

Reducing the screen time of a child is very important. As it is both harmful for their mind and eyes. Instead of screen time, other indoor games like ludo, chess and carom should be played. Parents should also regularly talk about good things with their child to make them feel comfortable during the situation. A good sound sleep is very important for a child in this phase.

Therefore, parents should be aware that there will be no disturbances at sleep time. A healthy diet is a prominent thing which has also been prioritized by the child specialist doctor in Siliguri. Once the kids start to follow healthy diets routine, the chances of getting affected by disease will become less.

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