Monitoring Growth And Development in a Child

Monitoring Growth And Development in a Child


Growth and development play a vital role in the upbringing of a child. As a parent, you always want your child should get all the nourishment in his childhood. But it is generally observed that even after so many efforts your child suffers from some deficiency. There are many options to tackle this situation but the best way is to consult a child specialist. Siliguri is an emerging medical hub that consists of a pool of doctors in different fields. This is an article about the best child specialist in Siliguri that you can get with affordable Fees.

 The article not only talks about the various aspects of childcare but also showcases the things that you can expect not only from the best child specialist in Siliguri but in general also.

Table of Content: 

1. The benefits of taking your child to a child specialist.

2. Dr. Prince Parakh

3. Conclusion

The benefits of taking your child to a child specialist

There are numerous benefits that are associated with occasional visits to a child specialist. Some of these points are discussed below


Medical is such a field that requires long term expertise in different fields. This kind of expertise can only be harnessed with years of practice. A child specialist is totally entitled towards the well being of your child and understands their each and every need.

      So he is the correct person to treat your child’s every problem and you can rest assured with that.


The way a child specialist treats a child is a treat to watch because they know how to deal with kids. They know all the questions and types of questions that should be asked to a child to get a proper diagnosis. They are friendly and use creative tactics or conversation to get the most useful information about the child. The child becomes much more comfortable when they respond to a child specialist rather than any other general doctor.


The mindset of a child specialist is different from other doctors as they try to engage a child through innovative ways such as with the help of toys, sweets to name a few. Apart from this, they also provide full support to the parents and make them understand the things or nutrients their child needs for proper nourishment. Thus, a child specialist helps to curb down the anxiety level of both the child and their parents. 

Dr. Prince Parakh

Dr. Prince Parakh is highly synonymous with child care and is hailed as the best child specialist in Siliguri. He is highly experienced in this field with added great qualifications. He is also blessed with a pool of satisfactory parents who have highly recommended him for total child care service in Siliguri.


In the end, the article showcases the various aspects of a child specialist. A child specialist is not only a doctor but a friend to your child and is fully dedicated to his well being.

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