Mother's Milk: The Best Food for your Baby

Mother's Milk: The Best Food for your Baby


The best child specialist in Siliguri suggests that a newborn should only be fed with mother’s milk until 6 months of age.

The goodness in mother’s milk is a combination of all the nutrients and essential value-added components required by the body. Breastfeeding is the most beautiful part of the human physiological process. It is extremely beneficial for the newborns and helps them in better physical and internal building. Every child breastfeeds for almost 2 years of age, but it might vary from baby to baby. List of benefits of the mother’s milk to the baby explaining why it is the best food for your baby.

The ideal nutrient for your newborn

The first milk of the mother is the best. It contains a yellowish-thick component called colostrums. The high-protein and low sugar levels help in the fundamental development of your child. It helps to build a healthy digestive tract for the baby.

It strengthens the immune system

The mother’s milk is no less than magic. It comprises of antibodies that help the baby’s immune system to get stronger. It helps the baby fight infections and any exterior elements affecting their bodies. The best child specialist in Siliguri suggests breastfeeding the option for newborn.

Low risk of diseases in the child

Breast milk has high properties of essential diseases preventing capacities. Newborn who breastfeed exclusively for 6 months are less likely to suffer from high-risk diseases than the one who do not. The diseases can include

  • Middle ear infections
  • Respiratory tract infections
  • Colds and infections
  • Gut infections
  • Intestinal tissue damage
  • Allergic diseases
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Diabetes
  • Childhood leukemia

Keeps a check on the weight of your baby

Mother’s milk not only helps the baby maintain healthy weight, but also decreases the chances of unhealthy weight gain in future. Breastfeeding helps the child understand their appetite and hunger as well.

Increases the IQ of the little toddlers

Exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months make the baby quickly responsive towards the external stimuli. This means that the growth of sensory hormones grow takes place in wider and developmental way. Not only this, it also ensures high intelligence among the newborn in future.

Overall growth and development

The high amount of rich nutrients and related compounds helps your baby to grow and develop normally and at the right speed.

The best child specialist in doctor promotes the breastfeeding in children. It is the best food for your baby. Helping in the complete physical and mental progress, a mother’s milk is the magic medicine for your baby. Keep yourself completely fit while pregnancy. It adds to the high value of rich-mother’s milk.

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