Pediatric Viral Fever & Treatments

Pediatric Viral Fever & Treatments


Fever is a common childhood disease that often affects children. If your child is not energized like on other days, it is a little worry for you. There are many reasons your child might get affected by viral fever. But if your child suffered more than a couple of days from viral fever, then the condition is serious.

Many parents try antibiotics without consulting a doctor and think it will cure automatically which is absolutely wrong. However, in this case, you should consult a doctor by visiting a baby care centre in Siliguri immediately.

Viral Fever: Concept

The viral infection attacks your baby in the name of fever. The infection is spread from one baby to another. If cough and cold knock down your child’s immune system in response body temperature is increased.

Generally, children’s body temperature is moving around 98.6 degrees F. In case the temperature is increased by one or two degrees, it means your child is suffering from viral fever. If the fever lasts more than a week then consult a pediatrician to find out the reason.

Stay Hydrate

Viral fever increases your child’s body temperature than usual. The body wants to cool it with perspiration. Heavy perspiration is helpful for dehydration. To avoid dehydration give your child plenty of water during fever. Formulated electrolytes in the name of Pedialyte replenish loss fluid. Not only water you can give him fresh fruit juice, soup in terms of water. Pedialyte is easily available in medical stores, however, you can prepare it at home.

Take Rest

It is a sign that during viral fever your child’s body is fighting with infection. so, taking rest is necessary for them. On the other hand viral fever is super spreading, so keep him or her away from friends and other little members of your family. Don’t send him to school or any sports class also.

Exerting his or her body may increase temperature again. Keep your baby at rest for at least 8 to 9 hours at night, more than that is better also. During the daytime advise your baby to relax by staying in the room.

Consult A Doctor

Mild fever is not worrying to you. But children’s condition gets more severe than adult ones. So, take his alignment sincerely and consult a pediatrician. Below are table for you, while you need to visit your childcare provider:



0-3 Months

100.4 Degrees F and more

3-6 Months

102 Degrees F and more

6-24 Months

102 Degree F

Above 2 Years

104 Degrees F  (Usually comes and goes within a week)

Apart from fever if you notice some other symptoms visit a baby care centre in Siliguri early:

  • Feeling Lazy
  • Irritating suddenly
  • Doesn’t respond to basic counter fever medications
  • Don’t respond to your eye contact
  • Can’t intake fluid as per necessity

The easiest way to control sudden fever is to charge counter fever reliever medication. Besides give your child honey, ginger, raw turmeric, etc. to cure cough and cold. Not all home remedies are suitable for every child. Thus, follow up your doctor’s advice to cure your child.

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