The Exemplar Of Humanity: Dr. Prince Parakh

The Exemplar Of Humanity: Dr. Prince Parakh


One Of The Best Child Specialist in North Bengal & Siliguri

Offering any services in the healthcare industry is itself a great deed. That is why doctors are referred to as a form of an angel. One of the heroes of healthcare is Dr. Prince Parakh. He is the leading paediatrician and child specialist not only in Siliguri but in entire North Bengal. Dr. Prince Parakh established himself as a pioneer who is solely committed to the betterment of health. This can be derived from the fact that he offers free treatment to at least 10 children in his clinic every day. Not only the consultation, but he also provides them with free of cost medicines if required.

Located in Burdwan Road, below Indian Bank, Siliguri, his clinic "Newborn and Childcare Clinic" has given a new meaning to childcare in North Bengal. His clinic is well-equipped with all kinds of treatment facilities including child vaccination and immunization. Many parents and families from all over North Bengal, Bihar, and even the neighbouring countries of Bhutan and Nepal rely upon Dr. Prince Parakh for their little one's care.

He is successfully practicing and ethically treating children from his clinic for the last 7 years. He specializes in treatments for newborn and young children. He has gained decent experience in his career by practicing at different medical institutions around the country. From his specialization, he has established a good Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in Siliguri and North Bengal for treating the critical condition in the children and saved their lives. The big hospitals in town look upon him for consultation.

He has introduced humanity in healthcare by constantly serving and treating even in the lockdown without any hesitation of his health. He even opened up his phone number to everybody during a pandemic so that parents could call and consult in cases of urgency without charging any fee. Therefore, as he likely deserved so, he was presented as the "COVID Warrior" by many medical associations of the state and country.

Apart from this, he has medalled many recognitions and awards in his entire career span. Adhering to the immense social service in the different sections of the society, he has been awarded and honoured by several institutions. Dr. Prince Parakh says, "If we have to earn money, there are a thousand other professions but the field of doctors is different. It is a job of sheer responsibility and is filled with humanity. I feel very proud to be part of it."

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