Tips about new born child care

Tips about new born child care


Almost every woman who decides to step into an entirely different life of motherhood, she goes through a lot of dilemmas as to whether she is ready for it. Like people say, no matter how much you think, you are never fully ready unless you actually give birth to one. Therefore it is very much required that a woman utilizes her time of pregnancy to do as much research as possible before the day arrives. According to the best child specialist in Siliguri, expecting mothers should have a little idea about taking care of her child for the first few months atleast. Since there is already a lot going on in your mind, let me jot down some of the basic tips of child care that might be useful for you.

Some basic do’s and don’ts of child care

Wash your hands before handling you baby

Since new born babies are more prone to infections and diseases, it is always needed to wash your hands before you hold your baby or make your baby’s food. Most of the time we are unaware of the germs that are present in our hands, so it is specifically necessary for mothers to maintain this healthy habit.

Support your baby’s neck and head                          

Holding your baby in the right way in which your baby feels comfortable, can be a tricky thing altogether. Since this is your first time at this, it is normal to take a while before you get it right. Also every baby is different, so you as a mother will know your baby’s comfort more than anybody else. The baby’s neck and head is very soft and tender in the first few months after birth. A small mistake can lead to severe internal injuries. So please be careful regarding this.

Never shake your baby no matter what

Some parents like playing with their small baby, which is absolutely fine. But shaking the baby while playing might give him/her some shock, which might affect the nervous system of the child. There are many accidents that occur in this way, so you should be very careful about this. Consult the best child specialist in Siliguri for further details on this subject.

Carefully observe the normal daily activities of your child

Every child has a cycle of his/her own, be it sleep cycle or food cycle. Get used to your baby’s cycle and adjust your other schedules based on that. This will help you in more than one ways. If your child suffers from some disease in future you will get to know about it with the diversions in his/her normal cycle.

The best child specialist in Siliguri can offer you with all these advices and guidance about child care. So don’t worry about the hassles and relax about the procedure.

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