Tips To Nurture A Child's Mental Health

Tips To Nurture A Child's Mental Health


Post-pandemic, many studies claim that a child's mental health is turning vulnerable. Most parents often look after their physical health while ignoring their mental health. However, doctors suggest that emotionally healthy kids tend to reach their milestones faster than mentally unstable children. They start to better deal with their problems, strengthen their social skills, and overall lead a quality life. The doctors have shared a few tips for achieving a mentally healthy child's growth and development in Siliguri. Know them below:

Let Your Child Trust Him/Herself

The quality of self-trust is lagging among many kids nowadays. But parents can better inculcate such values in their kids by making them confident in themselves. To start with, let your kids weave their internal world and approve of them without counterposing such woven stories. Don't negate their feelings right away. For example, if your child says he is scared of darkness. Don't say that there's nothing to be scared of. Instead, ask them to be brave and help them win over their fear.

Be Attentive To Your Child's Needs

Parents nowadays are engaged in their professional lives, so they complain that they can't be attentive to their child's needs all the time. But in reality, even five minutes of small talk before bedtime can help them feel emotionally secure. When they don't get proper parent time they crave it. So, there are chances that kids may suffer anxiety and depression by the time they hit the adolescent stage.

Help Them Recollect Happy Experiences

When your child recollects happy moments from time to time, they feel positive and secure for a long time. They don't feel love denied, low, or apprehensive all the time. Such happy experiences promote an overall optimistic lifestyle. By collecting delightful memories, your kids will have a positive take on life.

Promote Healthy Sleep Habit

It's human nature to feel irritable and sensitive when they don't get proper sleep. So, try to habituate your kids with enough sleep. Doctors recommend at least 8-12 hours of sleep for later childhood kids and over 15 hours of sleep for toddlers. The renowned American Academy of Sleep Medicine also emphasizes that sound naps contribute to mental health and emotional regulation.

Let Your Kids Walk Through Challenges

Understandably, parents can't tolerate kids' pain and try to help children overcome challenges. But it's important to let them walk through the hurdles all by themselves. Kids having overprotective parents report higher chances of worse emotional well-being and can't express their feelings appropriately.

So, doctors specializing in your child's growth and development in Siliguri ask for nurturing your kids in a healthy optimistic environment. More than anything else, as parents you should be aware of your child's mental health challenges to address them properly.

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