Vaccine-Preventable Disease in Our Community

Vaccine-Preventable Disease in Our Community


Since the inception of human evolution, we have been fighting against several kinds of diseases. At first, these rare diseases were very powerful and were taking lives in masses. There was no strong preventive measure that could protect us against these diseases. After ages, there was a rapid development in medical sciences that paved way for the breakthrough of a lot of vaccines that can be considered highly beneficial to prevent us from these diseases. Later on, the process is coined as vaccination and predominantly done to prevent, suppress, or kill the disease-causing germ in the body. Most of the vaccination is done at the time of infancy because during this time the immune system of the body is not fully developed. There are numerous doctors of child vaccination clinic in Siliguri that urges parents to complete the vaccination on given time to help their child have sound health in the future.

      This article provides useful insights about the importance of the vaccination process along with the current list of diseases for which the vaccines are available. This article also provides information about one of the reputed doctor who runs the best child vaccination clinic in Siliguri.

Table of Content: 

1. The main reasons you should go for vaccination

2. The list of vaccine-preventable diseases in our community

3. Dr. Prince Parakh

4. Conclusion

The main reasons you should go for vaccination

Numerous reasons are associated with the vaccination process that can give your child a fighting chance against any disease. Some of these are-

1. Prevent Disease

It is already established that the major function of the vaccine is to prevent different diseases to enter your child’s body. Otherwise, your child could have suffered grave consequences in the later stages of life.

2. Safety

Before the vaccination starts, it goes through a lot of trials to ensure that there are no side effects. After successful trials, a government is allowed to start the vaccination process. This process ensures the level of safety during the vaccination process.

3. Long term validity

Most of the vaccines are made for the long run for both usability and effectiveness. Once the formulated vaccine is a success then it is prepared in bulk for future use.

4. Saving Lives

A lot of lives have been saved due to the discovery of vaccines and indirectly contributed to reducing child mortality.

The list of vaccine-preventable diseases in our community

1.  Hepatitis A

2. Hepatitis B

3. Influenza

4. Measles

5. Mumps

6. Polio

7. Rotavirus

8. Tetanus

9. Chicken Pox

10. Human Papillomavirus

Dr. Prince Parakh

He is a highly recognized doctor who is credited for running the best child vaccination clinic in Siliguri. He is strongly recommended by numerous parents for his experience and the ability to gel well with the children and provide the best solution for their disease.


Vaccination has always been a boon to the human community who is always struggling against new diseases.

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