10 Tips for Newborn Baby Care in Summer

10 Tips for Newborn Baby Care in Summer


Summers are not a very easy season to deal with especially with the current rising temperatures even the adults find this season quite overwhelming. The same is the case of a newborn child. As a new parent, you can also find it quite frantic about how to keep your child cool as well as comfortable with the scorching heat outside. However, you can find the answer to your questions about what to feed and how many times to bathe your child from the top pediatrician specialist in Siliguri.

It is important to know how to manage the rashes that might occur in a newborn as a result of the rising heat along with keeping the baby properly hydrated. A ton of tips and home-based remedies might be suggested to you by your grandma or the neighbours however it is best to follow the inputs given by a professional in the field.

Some of the essential care tips are listed below-

Number of bathing times for the baby in summer

It is very important to keep the baby clean and keep the baby’s skin cool in summer. Based on how much your little one enjoys being in the water you can bathe the child 2-3c times a day. However, it must be kept in mind the water should not be cold or too hot it can be warm as it will help your baby’s skin from getting dry.

Keeping the baby hydrated

You might easily get fooled by the baby’s emery however dehydration can sneak in your child without your notice. Hence you must look out for signs such as vomiting, lack of wet diapers, drowsiness, and dry mouth. If your baby is more than 6 months you can offer fluids like formula, sips of water, and breast milk.

Controlling the heat rashes

Heat rashes commonly occur in babies during summer. They normally occur in the skin folds, shoulders, and diaper areas. Hence you must keep those areas cool by washing those areas frequently with cool water. Also after washing you must air dry the areas.  

Choose appropriate clothes for summer

You must avoid wrapping your baby in synthetic clothes as it can trap moisture. Ensure to dress your little one in light cotton clothes. Mostly light-coloured breathable clothes are recommended for the newborn as these clothes can reflect on the light and keep the baby’s skin cooler.

Avoid taking the bay outside during the peak heat

The time frame of 10 am-2 pm has the harshest heat during summer. Hence it is best suggested to not step outside during this time. In terms of unavoidable situations, you must take certain precautions such as fully covering the baby and carrying an umbrella.

Keeping the insects away

Bugs are always seen swarming around in the summer, they can cause harm to your baby’s delicate skin. You can use organic bug spray which your child is non-allergic to to keep the bugs in check. You can also use creams that are made especially for baby’s skin to protect them from the summer insects as well.

Prevent the massaging of oil

Oil massages can create unnecessary layers in the baby’s body making their skin hard to breathe However if a massage is necessary make sure to use lighter oils such as olive oil.

Seek advice from a doctor if necessary

If your baby executes any kind of unusual behavior you must seek advice from the medicinal experts immediately. Illness which is caused due to overheating is quite dangerous for newborn babies. There are several best child hospitals in Siliguri where you can take your little one for a medical examination.

Look out for the sleeping habits of the child in the summer

Before putting your child to sleep in summer make sure to put on light clothes and the room well-ventilated so that the newborn can sleep comfortably.

Maintain a healthy diet for the baby

You must provide your child with a healthy balanced diet to strengthen the baby’s immune system. Also, try to keep them well-hydrated all the time.

Aside from taking care of all the above-mentioned tips for your newborn, you must also seek advice from a good pediatrician specialist in Siliguri.  So that even if you fail to notice any discomfort or unusual behavior in your child caused due to summer-related diseases the doctor can detect and cure and keep your baby out of harm’s way.

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