Best Paediatrician Doctors in Siliguri

Child care is one of the toughest jobs in the world because looking after every need of the child since birth will give them a healthy life ahead. Many people choose their paediatrician even before the birth of their child to make things under control and putting the best suggestions into the plan of action. In the beginning, the parents are worried about finding the right paediatrician for their child but before going for the searching job one needs to be aware of the need and importance of paediatrician doctors. A paediatrician works differently in comparison to other specialists because they are trained and spend many years studying a child's health. Dr Prince Parakh is a certified specialist and considered as one of the best paediatrician doctors in Siliguri. It is better to discuss more with the doctor about the development of the child along with the behavioural changes with the age.

Best Paediatrician Doctors Siliguri

Visiting a paediatrician doesn't demand any health issues because it is also better to take the precautions than looking for the cure. The specialist doctor analyses the overall development in the child and suggests the best alternative measures including the improvement in physical and mental health. Infancy is indeed a critical stage in human life and visiting a paediatrician will make the parents aware of the needs and requirements in nurturing the child under the supervision of the specialist. Dr Prince Parakh is known for making the kids comfortable during communicative sessions and understands the infants effectively. The nature and behaviour of the paediatrician are also one of the important factors that need to be considered while choosing the specialist.

Reasons to visit the Best Paediatrician Doctors in Siliguri


Find the Best paediatrician in Siliguri with years of experience

A paediatrician is more experienced than a normal family practitioner in terms of treating and examining infants, children, teens, and young adults concerning their mental, physical and emotional well being. The training and experience of a paediatrician will help them to understand a child and giving necessary advice during a tough time. They also treat critical conditions like asthma or diabetes along with the expertise in the field of orthopaedics or cardiology. So, it is better to visit the doctors at the right time for identifying the cause and symptoms of the illness by getting detailed information about the child care and treatment procedure. Dr Prince Parakh makes things easier by communicating with the child to know the problem they are facing. The paediatrician read the child's mind and psychology by asking them several questions during the session but they never make the children nervous for better response.


Vaccinations or immunizations are important for making the child capable of fighting with the diseases. The best paediatrician doctors in Siliguri will help your child to improve their immune system by injecting a small number of bacteria inside the body that helps them to fight against Chickenpox, Diphtheria, tetanus, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Human papillomavirus. Measles, Mumps, Polio, and many more. It is better to take your concern about visiting the paediatrician to know more about the vaccines and their effective benefits. Sometimes the child feels soreness and high fever after the vaccination but the paediatrician will take the best care of your child in terms of coping up with the serious reactions.

Overall Development

One of the common reasons behind visiting a paediatrician is to focus on the overall development of your child. The paediatrician will go through the process and examine the developments like height, weight, body mass index, muscle tone, waking, reflexes, and any delay in the development. Such close observation will make things justified and bring improvement in the development process. each of the development is compared with other children of the same age to make sure that everything is normal with the child. In some of the special cases, the paediatrician observes the small things and provide suggestions to the parents for fast development of the child instead of making the critical. The final report and discussion with the doctor will make the points clear that your child is progressing.

Take help from Best paediatrician for Overall Development of your child

Dr Prince Parakh (MBBS, MD (Paediatrics), FISPN (AIIMS, DELHI) is a newborn, Child & Adolescent specialist and dedicated especially with Neonatology, Vaccinology, Childhood Asthma, Paediatric Nephrology, infectious diseases, Behavioural Problems, Newborn & pediatric critical care. He is awarded the Icon of North Bengal Award and the best option for your child.


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