Cervical Cancer Vaccine in Siliguri

The Cervical cancer vaccine is an extremely effective preventive measure against certain types of human papillomavirus (HPV), which are known to cause cervical cancer. These vaccines are most effective when administered before the potential exposure to the virus to ensure the safety of every individual. It's important to note that the Cervical cancer vaccine is recommended for both males and females and is typically administered in a series of shots. If you want to ensure the safety of your child and are considering getting them vaccinated against Cervical cancer in Siliguri, it would be wise to consult with the leading expert in pediatrics, Dr. Prince Parakh. He can provide you with all the necessary information about the vaccine and its benefits, as well as the cervical cancer vaccine price. With his experienced guidance, you can make an informed decision and give your child the best possible protection against this deadly disease.

The Advantages of The Cervical Cancer Vaccine for Your Children

The Advantages of The Cervical Cancer Vaccine for Your Children

  • Prevent HPV Infections: Guards against specific HPV types that cause cervical cancer.
  • Cancer Prevention: Significantly lowers the risk of cervical cancer.
  • Safe and Effective: Proven safe and effective through extensive research.
  • Long-lasting Protection: Induces antibodies for sustained defense.
  • Community Health: Reduces overall HPV prevalence, benefiting the community.
  • Preventive Healthcare: Proactive measure for long-term health.
  • Reduces HPV-Related Diseases: Lowers risks of various HPV-related health issues.
  • Global Impact: Contributes to global efforts in reducing cervical cancer rates.

Understanding The Risk

Taking a proactive approach to protect against cervical cancer is crucial, especially since it is often linked to specific strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV). Dr. Parakh strongly recommends vaccination as a comprehensive measure to mitigate these risks and ensure complete protection.

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What is The Recommended Age for The Cervical Cancer Vaccine?

The recommended age for a child to receive the cervical cancer vaccine (human papillomavirus or HPV vaccine) is between 11 and 12 years old. The vaccination series can begin as early as age 9, and catch-up vaccination is recommended for individuals up to the age of 26 who were not vaccinated during adolescence.

By immunizing children at an early age, Dr. Prince Parakh aims to provide robust and long-lasting protection against certain strains of HPV, which can lead to cervical cancer and other HPV-related diseases.

Why Choose Dr Prince Parakh?

  • Expertise: Renowned specialist in women's health.
  • Credentials: MBBS, MD (Paediatrics), FISPN (AIIMS, Delhi).
  • Compassionate Care: Patient-centric and empathetic.
  • Tailored Treatment: Personalized care for unique needs.
  • Holistic Wellness: Comprehensive health focus.
  • Community Trust: Respected and esteemed in Siliguri.
  • Innovation: Embracing cutting-edge medical practices.
  • Convenience: Easily accessible clinic in Siliguri.


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