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Babies are born with protection against some diseases from their mother's body in the form of antibodies (proteins made by the body to fight disease) before birth. Breastfed babies still get more antibodies in breast milk. But in both cases, the protection is temporary. Consult with the best child vaccination centre in Siliguri.

Immunization may be the best means to create immunity to some diseases. This is often done by using small amounts of a killed or weakened germ that causes the disease.

Germs are often viruses or bacteria. Vaccines stimulate the system to react as if there has been a true infection. It fends off the "infection" and remembers the germ. Then, it can fight the disease-causing agent if it enters the body later.

Child Vaccination centre in siliguri

How does vaccination help the small ones?

Child vaccination in Siliguriprovide much more protection to your child from deadly diseases, like polio, tetanus, and diphtheria. They also keep other children safe by eliminating or greatly decreasing dangerous diseases that want to spread from child to child. Get your child immunized by the best child vaccination centre in Siliguri.

When children are exposed to a disease in vaccine form, their system, which is that the body's germ-fighting machine, is in a position to create antibodies that protect them from contracting the disease if and once they are exposed to the particular disease.

Can multiple vaccines together be harmful?

Babies have stronger immune systems than you would possibly think, they can handle much more germs than what they receive from vaccines. In fact, the quantity of germs in vaccines is simply a little percentage of the germs babies' immune systems affect a day.

Child Vaccination in siliguri

Busting the parable

Many people think vaccinations can cause complications and side effects to the baby's health. However, this is often far away from true. Common side effects of immunizations include swelling at the location of the injection, soreness, and fever. Discuss these with your doctor and ask what symptoms deserve a doctor's word from the best child vaccination centre in Siliguri.


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