Pediatric Critical Care In Siliguri For Serious Illness

Pediatric critical care, also known as PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) is a special unit that takes care of children with health problems and serious issues. This comes with highly skilled professionals who are experienced and care for your child. When your child becomes critically sick, he/she is unable to fight off germs like a healthy child. Here, the critical care unit plays a key role to protect your child.

The ultimate objective of critical care in Siliguri is to provide special care and treatment, minimize pain and reduce any risk of disability for your child for quick recovery and survival. Being a renowned pediatric doctor in Siliguri, Dr. Prince Parakh provides the best medical care to newborn infants and critical care to adolescents with serious illnesses or injuries.

Why Should You Visit A Critical Care In Siliguri?

  • Congenital issues Congenital issues
  • Physical trauma Physical trauma
  • Complex surgery Complex surgery
  • Severe infection Severe infection
  • Food poisoning Food poisoning
  • Autoimmune disorders Autoimmune disorders
  • Medication overdose Medication overdose
  • Serious illness & injuries Serious illness & injuries
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