Best Neonatologist in Siliguri

There is always a hard time and there is always a solution to get out of those complications and uncertainties. Best Neonatologist in Siliguri is known for dealing with critical and complicated situations with their best knowledge and experiences. In the recent survey, it is revealed that 1 out of 10 children are delivered prematurely and that makes it necessary to know more about the neonatologist. These doctors are specialized for handling the situations and apply approaches to give support towards obstetrical, anaesthesia, and neonatology. They are associated before and after the birth of a child to keep the situation under control.

Find the Best Neonatologist in Siliguri

This group of doctors are trained and experienced in providing the best treatment procedure by maintaining safety measures. Visiting a neonatologist is important because they give you valid advice about child care by recognizing child illness. Close monitoring with the health of the premature child can make things easy to manage and reduces the child death rate as well. Mild and serious injuries along with the diagnosis of chronic health condition and organ dysfunction are treated by such doctors. The responsibilities of a neonatologist can be better understood by focusing on their approaches towards the medical care of your child from birth to adolescence. Dr Prince Parakh is considered to be a trusted medical practitioner and neonatologist who look after premature babies and their health conditions.

Factors that make Neonatologist more special

Best Neonatologist in Siliguri

Emotional Intelligence

This is a science of monitoring one's own or others' emotions by managing mental status and physical behaviour. Neonatologist work with EI and burnout depression while caring for newborns and teens. It is important to make the child emotionally strong and also make the parents free from worries. It is really difficult to handle the critical situation such birth defects and many such complications related to child care and emotional intelligence help them to justify the treatment guidelines by overcoming with the mental errors, malpractice, and complaints. The doctors prepare the child to meet with the treatment procedures and discuss the issues they are facing with the time. Such factors will result in managing the critical issues and reduce the risk involved in the treatment.

Better Identification

The treatment can be only possible when the doctor identifies the blind spots. Experience and studies over child care and several other treatment procedures give neonatologists a chance to identify those blind spots and the ways to treat them effectively. This group of doctors deals with premature birth, birth defects, underdeveloped digestive system, breathing difficulties, heart problems, problems in the lungs, Jaundice during the birth, infection at the time of birth, and many other conditions when it genuinely demands surgery or special treatment. Neonatologists never fear about the failure but they remain positive about finding new possibilities and ways to fight with a hard time along with the chance of getting future achievements. They keep their mind fresh and clear by identifying the issues and their adequate solutions.


Find the Best Neonatologist in Siliguri for your child

Neonatologists take responsibility both before and during the birth of a child, especially during critical situations. When the doctor finds any special problem in the pregnancy, the case is referred to a neonatologist. This group of doctors handle the high risk of pregnancy and coordinates with other doctors during labour and delivery. Both mother and the child are kept under regular monitoring and observation by applying advanced treatment procedure. Most of the time the premature child is high or low in weight where the condition becomes more critical after the birth of the child. The newborn is kept in a neonatal intensive care unit under the supervision of a neonatologist. They focus on the developing organs of the child like the lungs and the heart. The responsibility of a neonatologist is much higher during such critical situations and that in turn reduces any kind of risk and serious health conditions. They will take the responsibility even after the birth and the process goes on till the child grew up.

Dr Prince Parakh is a well-known and best neonatologist in Siliguri and is associated with some of the reputed medical care units. He is the Owner & Director of one of the trusted Pediatric Clinics of the town - New Born & Child Clinic, Burdwan Road, Siliguri.

 Best Neonatologist in Siliguri

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