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Child gastrologist lookout for a good range of both simple and sophisticated GI, liver, and pancreatic diseases in children. Dr Prince Parakh, the leading child gastrologist in Siligurihas extensive experience in their fields and are assisted by a team of highly trained medical staff and are backed by excellent medical infrastructure.

Common & Normal Digestive Conditions

Here are a couple of quite common issues, that's probably the initial phase, which if treated on time, won't cause any digestive problem in them.

Abdominal Pain

Pain within the stomach if occurs frequently may be a wake-up call. This will start from constipation, abdominal pain to abdominal migraines, and so on. Nearly half a population within the paediatric gastroenterology clinic visit for the difficulty of constipation.

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Toddler Diarrhoea

Young children are keen to undertake new food and drink, and therefore the mixture might end in serious health conditions in them. Especially if the sugar intake is more in their body thanks to different juice consumption, it results in Diarrhoea problems.


Spitting and salivating seems to be quite common in newborns and youngsters. Many babies roll in the hay frequently, and this might become a drag. It'll cause babies not to gain weight and therefore the nutrients intake isn't reaching the gastrointestinal system of the babies.

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Smelly Stool

Infection from any virus or bacteria may cause a drag within the intestine. A standard symptom of this is often a smelly stool, which may be noticed well because it is robust and weird. During a certain scenario, the body of your baby is going to be taken care of well by itself, but sometimes, it might need professional consultation.

Bloody Diarrhoea

If you notice that your child’s diarrhoea has blood, this will be a sign of digestive issues which isn't so good to handle through home remedies. This will be an infection or another inflammable bowel disease.

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Vomiting is extremely common within the infant. thanks to overeating, vomit happens. But sometimes the vomit colour looks different, it is often green or there could be blood in their vomit. This simply means the food isn't sitting well in your child’s belly.

Less Frequent movement

If you notice your child having a painful movement, otherwise you feel that your child has reduced the movement. This is often a sign that your kid is affected by digestive issues. If this happens to remain longer, then you would like to require immediate action.

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If you are feeling that the condition of your child is that the same as mentioned above, you've got to require serious action against it. Your child's health condition is going to be at stake if it's not treated on time, these are digestive problems that will cause pain and discomfort in their growth. Consult with Dr Prince Parakh, the leading child gastrologist in Siliguri.

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