Best Paediatric Neurologist in Siliguri

A paediatric neurologist emphasizes on caring for infants, children and youths with diseases and ailments of the brain and nervous system. This includes the medulla spinalis, nerves, muscles, and related blood vessels. Paediatric neurologists detect and treat many diseases, including seizures, sleep disorders, head injuries, learning disabilities, and other progressive problems. The paediatric neurologist in Siliguriis an expert in preventing nervous disorder and in reducing neurological disability.

Who should see a paediatric neurologist?

A paediatrician or general practitioner can monitor the overall health of your child’s brain and nervous system and manage certain conditions, like occasional headaches. Many children see a paediatric neurologist for the primary time when their medical care doctor finds or suspects a more complex disease or condition of the brain or nervous systems.

Paediatric Neurologist in Siliguri

When to seek a paediatric neurologist for your little one?

If your child progresses any of the subsequent symptoms or conditions, you must consult a paediatric neurologist.

  • Follow-up for a head, neck or back injury after early emergency action
  • Ongoing headaches, weakness, dizziness or vertigo that doesn't improve with treatments from your paediatrician
  • Problems with memory, speech, balance, coordination, or muscle control that your paediatrician believes to be caused by a brain or systema nervosum condition.

Ailments diagnosed & treated by a paediatric neurologist

A paediatric neurologist treats conditions and diseases including:

  • Rain and medulla spinalis injury including head injuries, concussion, and a neck fracture
  • Headaches including migraines
  • Neurodevelopmental disabilities including epilepsy, spastic paralysis, retardation, learning disabilities, developmental delays, speech disorders.
  • Neuro-vascular situations including paediatric stroke and brain aneurysm, and brain haemorrhage.
  • Severe pain including acute and ongoing pain thanks to such conditions as cancer and headaches.
  • Sleep problems comprising sleep-disordered breathing, sleepwalking, and night terrors.

Finding the best paediatric neurologist in Siliguri

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