8 Newborn Care Tips In Summer

8 Newborn Care Tips In Summer


It is a wonderful experience to welcome a new member into your family with a sense of pride and responsibility. As the temperature rises, we drink additional water and fluids to maintain our bodies and during this time, we must continue breastfeeding our baby on demand.

Breastfeeding and formula not only satisfy the hunger but also satisfy the thirst of the newborn baby. Here are some vital suggestions for summertime baby care provided by the best newborn pediatrician in Siliguri.

Hydration is the Key:

The most important thing is to keep your baby hydrated while he or she is breastfeeding or formula feeding. You can offer cooled boiled water between breastfeeds as recommended by your pediatrician for formula-fed infants during hot weather


Once your baby is fed she needs to be burped. Using one hand, you can cradle her against your chest. Her chin should rest on your shoulder. You can softly stroke her back till she burps using you other hand.

Protect From the Sun:

The best time to protect your baby from direct sunlight is between 10 AM to 4 PM, especially during these peak hours. If you must go outside, make sure your child is wearing light-coloured, long sleeves and a wide-brimmed hat.

Optimal Ventilation:

Keeping your indoor temperature comfortable for your baby depends on maintaining proper ventilation in your home. You can turn on the AC or fan as required to avoid sweating.

Umbilical Cord Stump Care:

Always try to keep your baby’s navel area clean and dry. Keep the diaper of the baby folded down so that the stump can dry. Always keep in mind that you need to disinfect your hand before handling the navel area.

Conform Sleeping Environment:

During the hot summer nights, you should make your baby's sleeping environment as comfortable as you can. You need to ensure that the room is well-ventilated by utilising a fan and light-cooled bedding. The best way to reduce the risk of sudden SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in your baby is to ensure that he or she sleeps in their back.

Protect your baby from mosquitoes:

In Siliguri, during this summer season, mosquitos pose a vital health risk. Therefore, always keep your baby under the mosquito net.

Regular Check-ups with the pediatrician:

Make an appointment for routine check-ups with the best newborn pediatrician in Siliguri to track your child's development and progress. The pediatrician will answer all your queries regarding your child's health and well-being.

To wrap up, taking preventive steps and paying close attention to details is necessary while taking care of a newborn baby in the summer to make sure their safety and comfort.

You can provide your newborn baby with the best possible summer care if you follow these essential steps and in case of any problem consult with the best pediatrician without any hesitation.

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