A Complete Solution To Bronchiolitis

A Complete Solution To Bronchiolitis


Bronchiolitis is an infectious disease that causes bronchioles in the lungs. Mainly children who are under the age of 2 have suffered from this viral infection in winter and early springtime. When this disease occurs it creates breathing trouble for the children.

Adults are also affected by this disease occasionally. If you notice that your baby is suffering from extreme breathing trouble, consult a child doctor. In most cases, children with extreme breathing issues get relief when admitted to the critical care in Siliguri department.

Bronchiolitis is an infectious disease that is spread by the droplets and mucus of infected children. Stay away from your children from the infected ones. Making a hygienic habit of washing hands and feet while coming home from the outside is essential.

What Are The Chronic Symptoms Of Bronchiolitis?

The symptoms of bronchiolitis include:

  • Cough
  • Mild flu (Temperature below 101 F)
  • Runny nose
  • Gasping for three consecutive days
  • Breathing trouble
  • Loss of appetite because of engulfing issue
  • The whispering sound came from the nose during sleep
  • Pale lips, fingertips, and toes
  • Slackening mood

What Is The Main Causes Of Bronchiolitis?

Mainly three viruses such as rhinovirus, respiratory syncytial virus, and influenza virus are responsible for bronchiolitis. These infectious viruses are super spreader and can spread by droplets or mucus to another one.

If the mucus is left in the surface area, it can infect the second one by touching the same thing unknowingly. While the ailing person is sneezing and coughing it can be merged into the air and infected another one by airways.

How Bronchiolitis Can Be Diagnosed?

Your child's doctor will ask you about the symptoms of your child, how often the fever comes, what is the temperature then, coughing style, etc. The doctor hears the sound of the lungs manually.

He or she uses an oximeter in your baby’s fingertips or toe to detect how much oxygen is supplied in your baby’s blood. It is a painless test, so don’t be afraid of it. The doctor will assure you if any infected person may come in close contact with your child in recent times.

Further, the doctor may ask for a chest x-ray, and mucus sample test if required. Your child’s health care provider advises you urine test if urine infection is accompanied by bronchiolitis to the baby.

What Is The Best Treatment For Bronchiolitis?

There is no particular treatment for bronchiolitis. As it is a viral infection, it cannot be cured by antibiotics. Your pediatric doctor advises you to hydrate your baby always in this situation.

A few doctors are treating it with steroids while some others are depending on inhaling bronchodilators. These are not the exact solution. A recent research however used oxygen therapy on a few patients.

In case, if your child gets infected and dehydrated don’t delay, visit a nearby critical care in Siliguri unit quickly to get immediate medical assistance for your child.

Stay your child at home until he or she gets fit. Wash all the dresses, and toys that your baby is using during illness. Your precaution will provide your baby with a disease-free healthy life.

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