Balanced Diet Plan For Your Child

Balanced Diet Plan For Your Child


  A child’s nutrition is the foremost priority of a parent. Especially for those children who tend to eat junk food. This is a common reason most parents are worried about their children. The most common query from their end to a pediatrician is ‘What should be a healthy eating plan for my baby?’

Kids' nutrition is similar to the adult nutrition system. Visit a baby care center in Siliguri to talk to your pediatrician about a perfect diet plan. Everyone needs the right nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Just maintain a specific quantity according to your child’s age.

Limited sugar, added salt, and saturated fat contained food is good for your child’s health. Below is a list of nutrient-dense foods for your child which you can consider as a balanced diet plan:

Green Vegetables

Most children avoid eating green vegetables which results in a health deficiency. Add colorful fresh vegetables such as spinach, beans, and peas, each week in your child’s diet chart. Fresh vegetables contain full of vitamins, iron, antioxidants, and fiber, which help to improve your child’s growth and development.

Seasonal Fruits

Commonly children like fruit juices instead of raw fruits. However, solid fresh, and seasonal fruits are essential for their health. Not only seasonal fruits but dry fruits also play a key role in your child’s health. Give your child homemade fresh fruit juice instead of canned ones. As canned fruit juice has added sugar it tends to child obesity.


Chicken, egg, soy products, meats, seafood, unsalted seeds, and nuts are useful for children. It not only helps to enhance brain development but also builds up strength in your child. A child's overall growth depends on how much protein you child consumes a day.

Dairy Product

Milk is always helpful for your child. Make a habit of drinking milk low-fat milk fat milk every day. Consult your child's doctor for the quantity of it. Apart from milk and low-fat yogurt, homemade panner is also essential for your toddler. You can give your baby soy milk and tofu also.


Implant whole grains eating habit in him. Oatmeal is enriched with protein and fiber. Not only oats, whole wheat bread, brown and wild rice, popcorn, and whole wheat bread all are helpful for your kiddo’s health.

Limit extra-calorie-contained foods from the diet chart. Remember any type of processed foods such as pizza, chow mien, pastry, ice cream, candy, chocolate, canned juice, and cold drinks are harmful to your child’s health. Thus, it is better to avoid those foods as they contain saturated fats.

Visiting a baby care center in Siliguri is good for your child’s routine health check-up. The pediatrics measure the baby’s weight and prepare a food chart for him or her according to age, height, and weight. Thus you can provide your baby with a healthy life ahead.

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