Breathing Disorders in Infants

Breathing Disorders in Infants


Problems in breathing is quite common especially in the new born babies. The atmosphere inside the womb is different than the environment that we live in. The transition from the liquidly atmosphere to the normal atmosphere naturally causes respiratory and breathing problems. However, with the increasing cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) that affects the respiratory tract and lungs, the babies born are thoroughly checked especially for the difficulties in breathing. There are some serious respiratory issues that can occur in infants just during their birth. In such cases of emergency, the best neonatologist in Siliguri takes care of the newly born in an intensive care unit.

The breathing disorders in infants during birth

Breathing difficulties occur just at the time of birth and some severe problems of the respiratory system can also occur to the new born. The best neonatologist in Siliguri lists the number breathing disorders in newly born children.


The condition where the infant or new born baby have no or extremely poor breathing. This can be a result of very little amount of oxygen received by the baby during labour, the delivery process or immediately after birth. The bay is immediately taken under intense care if the problem does not stop. The doctor treats them with various methods like chest compression, ventilation, medications depending on seriousness of the problem.

Transient tachypnea

Also known as transient tachypnea of the new born (TTN) and ‘wet lung’, this condition is characterized with rapid breathing. The lungs of the new born baby is filled with fluid, that is replaced with air by the blood vessels and lymph organs. TTN happens when these systems are unable to remove the excess fluid. This usually recovers on its own sometimes, but if the situation continues for long, it needs immediate attention.


Pneumonia occurs when there is an entry of external micro-organisms inside the lungs and causes infections and inflammation. TTN is usually a symptom of pneumonia. The lungs get filled with fluid and block the airways. The doctors observe the symptoms and the best neonatologist in Siliguri performs immediate treatment procedures. The baby is treated with antibiotics or sometime external oxygen can be required.

Meconium aspiration

This condition is characterized by the blockage of airways due to accumulation of waste products in the lungs. It can also cause the inflammation of lungs. In some cases, the baby can face difficulties in breathing. The doctors diagnose the problem and symptoms and carry the necessary treatments. Sometimes, extra oxygen is required for assistance in breathing.

For every parent, expecting a child and whose baby is the infant stage, you must take extra care as the COVID-19 affects the lungs and respiration. However, you must not stress. In case of any doubt, you must consult the best neonatologist in Siliguri.

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