Critical cases handled by a neonatologist in Siliguri

Critical cases handled by a neonatologist in Siliguri


Child care is one of the most important sectors in the field of medicine. Since the health conditions of a child determines the physical and mental state of the individual in future, it is very important to cure and treat the illnesses that a child has. Although paediatricians look after almost majority of the cases, the segment is further divided into few subspecialties for a better and detailed diagnosis and treatment of a child. One of such subspecialties is Neonatology. Out of all the doctors the best neonatologist in Siliguri takes care of the most severe case of the newborn children. Their work almost starts at the point of birth.

Here are few of the critical cases that are handled by the neonatologists

Congenital Heart Defects

If a newborn child is detected with a congenital heart defect, it means that the child’s heart is not formed properly and has some structural defect in it. These are caused due to many reasons. Some them include hereditary factors and some happen due to intake of a particular kind of medicine by the mother during pregnancy. These diseases are often cured through surgeries too.

Spina bifida

This particular disease is caused in a new born baby when the spine and the spinal cord of the child do not get formed properly. In this defect the tissues that form the brain and the spinal cord, does not close properly leading to a dysfunctional spine. This effects the child’s mental and physical growth. Often this is treated through a surgery. The best neonatologist in Siliguri has the kills and the expertise to treat this disease that is caused due to genetic reasons mostly.

Cystic Fibrosis

In this disease the child’s respiratory and digestive system gets severely affected due to the faulty gene that is present in his/her body. Due to this genetic disorder the sweat, mucus and enzymes releasing part of the child’s organs get blocked due to the thick and sticky fluid released from there. In a normal human body the fluid is smooth and thin in density which prevents the organs from getting dried up. But children with disease have dysfunctional organs due to the faulty fluid. This disease can be treated through medicines in a less severe stage; however, more severe case may require a surgery.

The best neonatologist in Siliguri has a lot of experiences regarding the proper diagnosis and treatment of these above mentioned diseases.

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