How to Feed the Smallest Preemies

How to Feed the Smallest Preemies


Everything is linked with proper timing and when anything happens before the actual time, it brings more challenges and struggles in one's life. Preemies are the premature newborn that was born early. Those babies feel trouble in sucking and swallowing and even breathing issues. They have underdeveloped intestines as well as lungs so the mother must know how to feed them and take the best care. Even people face trouble in holding those newborns while feeding. Preemies need to handled with enough care here we come out with some essential tips for feeding those premature newborns.

Tips for feeding smallest preemies


Mother's milk is best for the baby and when it comes to feeding the smallest preemies, breastfeeding is undoubtedly the best option for them. The body produces enough milk for the newborn that has a higher amount of protein, fat, and other essential nutrients to enhance the baby's brain development along with other body development. Their digestive system is weak and breastfeeding is good for their little tummy. Mother's milk is also beneficial for fighting with the infections and improves the respiratory function of the body. Though there are several other options available in the market but feeding the baby with breast milk is the best thing for your baby.

Formula - Feeding

We all know that breastfeeding is the best thing for the preemies but few mothers are not capable of feeding their babies with breast milk because of physical weakness. Consult with the child doctor and discuss your issues in feeding the newborn. Formula-feeding is one of the best ways to keep the baby healthy and this will work for the development of the body as well. This option is recommended by doctors for prematurely born because it holds the required amount of proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins. The child specialist will guide you by maintaining a growth chart which clearly shows the development and keeps the child happy with the feeding option. There is always an alternative and if you are facing a problem in breastfeeding then try formula feeding for your little preemies.

IV Feeding

The baby faces challenges in sucking and swallowing before 34 weeks and especially those who born before 34 weeks. It is important to feed them through an IV called total parenteral nutrition. In this method, the hyperalimentation bypasses your preemie's immature digestive system where the nutrient passes straight to the baby's bloodstream. Here, on the first-day water, sugar, protein and other nutrients enter the newborn's body to keep the baby healthy and fit. Slowly the process changed and they add more nutrients like fat, vitamins, minerals, and fluids depending upon the improvement of the digestive system. The baby becomes stable and responds happily within a few days and might be ready for breastfeeding.

Gavage Feeding

Babies who are born before 34 weeks need more care and support where the process becomes critical and might not support IV feeding. Those newborns are introduced with Gavage feeding where a flexible tube is inserted into the baby's stomach and the baby receives breast milk through pumps. This formula is designed for preemies through the tube almost every few hours. The nurse will help in adjusting the tube and slowly the process develops by making the baby capable of sucking and filling the tummy.  

Nipple Feeding

The neonatologist will examine the development in the entire feeding process and if needed they will allow nipple feeding depending upon the development on his body. If the baby starts sucking effectively and stays awake for longer hours, then the baby is assumed to be ready for nipple feeding and there is no need for any ventilator. If the doctor finds that there are no signs of abdominal infection then nipple feeding is one of the popular options for little preemies. But remember, trying the breast milk is always the best choice for the baby when it comes to taking the best care of the premature.

Finally, the best tip comes with the conclusion that no matter the method, feeding your little preemie is the only means of bonding with the baby. Feed the baby depending upon the development and situations recommended by the best neonatologist.

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