Pieces of Advice for your Newborn from Paediatrician

Pieces of Advice for your Newborn from Paediatrician


A newborn brings lots of happiness and excitement in the home and everyone will become busy to make the child feel special. Caring the child is a challenge for parents and is counted as the most foremost duty for every parent especially the mother. A mother holds the child for nine months inside the womb and it develops an interesting relationship for the lifetime. Taking the newborn to a paediatrician is necessary because the paediatrician is a child specialist and looks after all the development inside the body of a newborn by giving pieces of advice and valuable tips. Here, we are going to highlight some of the important advice from the Paediatrician to keep your child healthy and calm.

Pieces of Advice for your newborn

Bathing Guidelines

Bathing is all about making the newborn clean and we all know this fact very well but practically they don't need a daily bath. Yes, your baby is sensitive enough and reacts very fast so you must be careful in handling the child with water. The temperature of the water also matters. Try to maintain the balance and don't use too cold or too hot water during the bathing process. Remember that you need to wait for the right time until their belly button is completely healed and dry. Few infants like bathing in the nighttime but few are comfortable during the day. So, you must consult with the paediatrician before implementing any routine over the newborn.

Feeding schedule

The feeding schedule is directly related to the newborn's health. It is advisable that your baby needs to be fed every two to three hours around the clock during a normal state. The time you find your baby ill, consult with the paedatrician and change the schedule. Calculate the time of feeding along with the quantity. If you start the feeding at 8 am and finish it within 8:40 am then the next feed should start between 10 and 11 am. Fed the child in a regular interval and follow the schedule strictly. Newborn feeds a lot and you must use clean utensils during feeding.

Use a pacifier

Naturally, a newborn has an instinctive reflex to suck and always search for something to eat. Sometimes they suck their thumb and sometimes they search for other options. Pacifiers are safe and can be used as a better option to engage the newborn with their habits. Try to feed your newborn with mother's milk because breastfeeding is required for keeping the baby healthy and fit. Clean the pacifier daily maintains hygiene genuinely. Pacifiers are helpful to keep the child happy when they desperately need something to suck.

Keep them away from infection

The immunity power takes time to develop. Infants are very sensitive and need time to fight with infection and common virus spread from sneezes and cough. Always wash your hand before feeding your newborn and keep the baby away from infected people. If you feel uncomfortable to tell someone not to visit your home then tell him or her that your paedatrician instructed you to do so. The health of your newborn is the only thing that matters. Don’t allow any random visitor to touch the newborn directly after coming from outside.

The role of diapers

A newborn will poop within the first 24 hours of life and that is natural. Then, after the first few days of life, they start pooping as often as you feed them. Seven to eight times a day is normal. Use diapers for making the thing comfortable during cleaning but check regularly whether the newborn is pooping or not. Wearing diapers even after pooping might cause infection and need immediate cleaning. Use soft cloths or cotton during cleaning to deal with the soft and sensitive skin of a newborn. The normal colour of the poop looks yellow, brownish and seedy.

How to sleep safely

The soft body of a newborn needs to be managed carefully to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Infants should always be placed on their backs during sleeping. Never keep any hard object over the bed and try to spend maximum time with your newborn even when the baby sleeps. Working mothers must do adjustment in their job schedule until the baby becomes one year old. Most of the companies offer childcare leave. Sleeping position and time of sleep is related to your baby's health. 

Caring a newborn is challenging but you need to follow such pieces of advice that keep your infant away from infection and other reactions. Both the mother and the father along with the other family members should put their sense of responsibility in taking the best care of the newborn from the time they welcome the new one into the family. Paediatricians are always there to help you in the process of childcare. 

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