Prevent Your Child From Flu

Prevent Your Child From Flu


Let's fight with the danger by keeping your child safe and secure from flu during the changes in the season. It is important to step into a safer world by keeping your children in a safe side because they continuously fight with the germs and virus while meeting infected students at school. The innocence and cuteness of kids make things more complex especially when they play with their friends and get closer to illness. 

By maintaining hygiene and implementing some of the essential protective measures one can keep their children on the safe corner. Best paediatric doctor Siliguri comes out with some of the important tips to manage the time more easily by encouraging regular hand-washing, maintaining social distancing and by welcoming precautionary measures. Regular consultation with the child specialist will help you to overcome the health problems genuinely.

Tips to protect your child from flu

Go for seasonal flu vaccine

Changes in the season might make your child ill as their immune system is not so strong in comparison to adults. Parents should go for vaccination which reduces the chances of getting infected and make the child capable to fight with the germs and viruses. Survey reveals that 62% of the cases are managed by taking preventive care against the diseases and keep the symptoms milder.

Maintain Social Distancing

You should teach the child about the importance of social distancing during the crucial situations to stop the spreading viruses. Covering the mouth and nose whole sneezing can be a better option for throwing away those millions of viruses present in a single drop of a sneeze. Put restrictions on attending birth parties or any occasion to spot the spreading of germs to other children as well. Best paediatric doctor in Siliguri believes that taking precaution is the best way to stay healthy and to fight against the illness.

Maintain Cleanliness

Washing hands with soap before and after eating meals is one of the best steps towards maintaining safety. Clean clothes, a daily bath, and sanitization are necessary to manage the situation under control. Viruses and germs make the body weaker which reduces the resistance power. So, disinfectants and clean environment will allow easy recovery and counted as an effective step against the flu.

Taking such precautions by following the tips given by the best paediatric doctor in Siliguri one can maintain the safety of their child during flu and seasonal changes.

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