Role of a Neonatologist in a Child's Life

Role of a Neonatologist in a Child's Life


The time when a child is born to a family everyone becomes happy and celebrates the moment with joy and glory. But the role played by a neonatologist is incomparable in comparison to others. You might give utmost importance to the health of your child since from birth and here the responsibility of a doctor begins. A neonatologist is one who is specialized in childcare and diagnoses or treats infants before and after their birth.

They also deal with various complications related to infants. A neonatologist plays an important role in the health and wellness of children including physical and mental behavior along with other health issues. The contribution of neonatologists is priceless because they reduce the rate of infant and child death. They are not only capable of providing medical care to your child but also bring preventive health services from a child's birth to adolescence.

Why you need a Neonatologist?

A neonatologist is an experienced, qualified and well-trained group of doctors who provide the best treatment for childhood illness and that include both minor and serious diseases. You need a neonatologist because he is the person who always protects your child from diseases by giving valid advice, proper vaccinations at the right age, and understands the child's health issues by providing the best solutions.

Needs for going to a neonatologist are:

  • They are trained enough to examine the child's health.
  • They are experienced in recognizing childhood illnesses.
  • They do close monitoring with the health condition of premature babies.
  • They are capable of identifying infectious diseases and other chronic health conditions.
  • They will operate both mild and serious injuries.
  • They will treat organ dysfunction as well.

Till what age and when you can consult a neonatologist?

The neonatologist will provide health care treatment for children from their birth until the adolescent stage. You can visit a neonatologist until the age of 18 years. A neonatologist is specialized in treating a child during special cases like premature birth, birth with defects, underdeveloped digestive system, infection from the time of birth, breathing difficulties, low oxygen level, lung issues, jaundice during birth and do surgery if needed in the case of congenital malformations. So, several health conditions of the newborn require good neonatologists.

Responsibilities of a neonatologist

Before Birth

Neonatologists put their responsibilities in serious situations either before or after birth. If the physician finds any reason to believe that a  pregnancy case includes special problems, such as a known health condition or high risk of prematurity, the doctor will refer their patients to a neonatologist. From that time the role of a neonatologist begins and he advises the parents to deal with their expectations during and after labor and delivery and coordinates with other doctors to provide effective health care to both the mother and the upcoming child. During any high-risk situations, the expected mother is admitted to the hospital under the guidance of a neonatologist. Finally, the neonatologist starts monitoring both the mother and the baby and manages the pregnancy as long as it demands. Every week the pregnant mother is observed with special care and treatment procedures.

During Birth

A premature child is a normally high or low weight and even in some of the critical cases, the delivery becomes more difficult and often placed in a neonatal intensive care unit. The process involves so much risk and provides innovative support by dealing with organs like lungs till the time the immune system continues to develop. In most of the cases related to premature infants, the doctor put their action with lots of experiences as a baby faces breathing issues because their lungs are not properly developing. After applying a suitable treatment method they finally introduce the child with the family. The process still goes on with appropriate and successful care of the infants to reduce any kind of risk and serious health condition. A neonatologist is actively responsible for the birth of a child until the time they grew up.e

Keep the child safe and healthy as ever.

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