The Importance of Healthy Sleep for Your Child

The Importance of Healthy Sleep for Your Child


You are giving the right kind of meals to your baby, you also took care of all the other essentials, however, is your child is still facing problems in development? Did you consider the number of hours your child is getting a sound sleep? A good and sound sleep is as important as a healthy diet and lifestyle is. This applies for every individual and especially for the growing and developing bunch. Maintaining a healthy sleep cycle for your child is a vital part of the childcare process. Are you really emphasizing on sleeping habits of your baby? Does your child have problems in sleeping? Does your child remain irritated and cranky most of the times? You must consult one of the best paediatric doctor in Siliguri to know about the solutions. However, a healthy and quality sleep might solve your child’s problems sometimes.

Why is sleep important for your child’s proper health?

You must be wondering, how is sleep related to my child’s growth and healthy living? According to the studies, kids who regularly get sufficient amount of sleep are healthier in all aspects.

Mental Development

Not getting enough sleep can hinder your infant’s brain and behavioural expansion. The growth and development of the human brain is the most effective in the first 5 years of his life. Therefore, the process of mental growth should not be obstructed with irregularity of sleep. There might be issues like reduced retention, poor memory, difficulty to focus, cranky moods, etc.

Physical Development

Reduced and lack of sound sleep results in hormone production problems. The growth hormones cannot function properly thereby causing problems in physical development of the child. Sometimes it can also lead to abnormality of hormones and effect different physiological processes.

How much sleep is required?

According to some of the best paediatric doctor in Siliguri, every child has different sleep cycles.

Newborns: 12 to 16 hours

Toddlers: 11 to 14 hours

Pre-school kids: 11 to 13 hours

Young children: 9 to 11 hours

However, you must consult your paediatrician for the exact amount of sleep time.

Tips for parents

Until your kid is little, their heath is in your hands. You can contribute to your child’s sound sleep and healthy life.

  • Avoid your child from screens, mobile, etc.
  • Do not add coffee in your child’s milk
  • Indulge into recreational and relaxing activities like reading stories
  • Dim the lights
  • Develop a habit of sleeping early yourself

Sleeping problems still persist?

Despite your efforts, sometimes problems in sleeping like sleep deprivation, sleep walking, difficulty falling sleep or oversleeping can occur. Consult the best paediatric doctor in Siliguri for further support and advices.

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