Vaccination- The life saving strategy

Vaccination- The Life Saving Strategy

The National Vaccination Day, also called the National Immunization Day, is celebrated every year on March 16 to emphasize the importance of vaccination to the entire nation. The day was first observed in the year 1995, the year on which India started Pulse Polio Programme.
Vaccination is the most cost effective strategy in protecting Newborn and Children from diseases. Vaccination is safe and effective. Vaccination works wonders. It is one of the greatest gifts of science. Apart from Children, Vaccination is for adolescents and adults too. Dr Prince Parakh is a renowned Child Specialist and Neonatologist of Siliguri. Dr Prince Parakh is a well known expert in child vaccination in Siliguri. Dr Parakh takes utmost care and hygienic measures during vaccination. Dr Parakh believes in immunisation as per latest IAP schedule. Dr Prince Parakh keeps updating himself from time to time by teaching , learning , conference, CMEs . He is well known  across the country for his great effort in vaccinating children , counselling parents .Parent should consult pediatrician to know about vaccination in children . 
Dr Prince parakh emphasised on the importance of injectable polio vaccines, flu vaccines, covid vaccines, pneumococcal vaccine, HPV vaccine. No vaccine should be missed . Every vaccine in IAP schedule is important. 
COVID vaccine for age group of 12 to 14 years is a welcome step by the government- said Dr Prince Parakh . 
Vaccinating every kid is a crucial step towards prosperous and healthy India .

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